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Hue & Cry Spins Off From The Martin Agency, Becomes Independent Studio
Hue & Cry's (l-r) EP Whitney Green, executive creative director Magnus Hierta and creative director Sean McClintock.
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Hue & Cry, a production company that specializes in design and animation, announced it has completed the process to become a fully independent studio.

“Having been incubated inside The Martin Agency, and having them as our biggest client, has been amazing--we couldn’t have accomplished what we have without them,” said Magnus Hierta, Hue & Cry founder and executive creative director. “But with that amazing association came the perception of being an ‘in-house’ resource, so to continue growing we need to expand our client roster and work with a variety of agencies and brands. Of course, we also look forward to continuing our work with the talented folks at Martin.”

As its first move towards growing its client base, Hue & Cry moved out of The Martin Agency complex and into its own 6,500 square-foot space in Richmond back in June of 2016. Formerly as part of the Interpublic Group (IPG) network, Hue & Cry has been a long-time partner of The Martin Agency.

In the four years since its launch, Hue & Cry has seen rapid growth and success, including winning an AICP Show honor for its work on Mel’s Mini Mini Mart. This focus on high caliber work has resulted in a growing roster of clients, including, OREO, Tic Tac, Chips Ahoy!, Stoli and TIAA.

“I’m a big fan,” says Kristen Cavallo, CEO of The Martin Agency. “Their body of work is impressive, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with them and helping them flourish.”

Hierta, who is now majority owner of Hue & Cry, opened the studio in Richmond after a long career working as a designer and animator at studios in Los Angeles.  A graduate of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, he’s worked at such studios as Logan, Stardust, Blind and Imaginary Forces before relocating to found Hue & Cry.  In addition to leading the studio, he also served as a creative director at The Martin Agency from 2012-2018.

Joining Hierta is Sean McClintock, who comes on board as creative director and partner. An experienced designer, illustrator, animator and director, McClintock spent over a decade freelancing at many of the top animation, VFX and design studios in New York, including Tröllback + Company, Psyop, The Mill, Charlex, Buck and Hornet. 

In addition to Hierta and McClintock, Hue & Cry relies on a team of 15 creatives and artists recruited from top motion and design firms in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, as well as a corps of homegrown talent from Richmond. Heading up the production arm of the company is Whitney Green, executive producer and partner.


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