JohnXHannes Wins Cannes Health & Wellness Grand Prix For Hillcoat-Directed "Corazon"
Poster art promoting Montefiore's "Corazon" starring Demian Bichir (l) and Ana de Armas. Directed by John Hillcoat of Serial Pictures, "Corazon" won the Cannes Lions Health & Wellness Grand Prix honor.
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Feature, commercial and branded content director John Hillcoat (The Road, Proposition), who’s handled in the ad arena by Serial Pictures, has seen Corazón, his 48-minute film about organ donation for Montefiore hospital out of agency JohnXHannes, NY, win the Cannes Lions Health & Wellness Grand Prix.

JohnXHannes and Serial Pictures teamed to produce Corazón which depicts the real-life story of Elena Ramirez (portrayed de Ana de Armas whose credits include Blade Runner 2049 and Hands of Stone), a young Dominican woman living in Santo Domingo who is selling her body to provide for her family--only Ramirez’s body is failing her. She has a bad heart and has been given months to live unless she gets a new heart. After fainting, Elena meets a U.S.-based cardiologist, Dr. Mario Garcia (portrayed by Demian Bichir, an Oscar nominee for A Better Life), who is volunteering in his native hometown of Santo Domingo. Ramirez is past the point of help from conventional medicine, but Dr. Garcia gives her a fighting chance to live via a mechanical heart surgery that he and his colleagues can only perform at Montefiore in the Bronx. Ramirez sets out on a journey from Santo Domingo to New York City, facing challenges along the way, but always motivated by her conviction to live. This is a story of chance, hope, courage, friendship, love and generosity.

Lensed by Oscar-nominated (Arrival) cinematographer Bradford Young, ASC, and scored by Oscar-winning composer Atticus Ross (The Social Network), Corazón caries a tagline, “Give Your Heart,” which serves as a call to action designed to prompt people to register with Donate Life America, a short process which applicants can initiate by pressing their phones to their hearts. Corazón can be viewed in its entirety here

"Blink to Speak"
Meanwhile the Cannes Pharma Lions went sans a Grand Prix honoree as no qualifying entry was seen as worthy of that distinction. Still a Gold Pharma Gold Lion winner, “Blink to Speak” from TBWA\India, scored the Health Grand Prix for Good. Done on behalf of the NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute, the project introduces us to breakthrough eye sign language created for paralyzed patients who cannot speak.

Among the notable Health & Wellness Gold Lion winners was RPA, Santa Monica, Calif. for its series of shorts for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. For example Roof Studio turned out the animation short What is an MRI?  as a means to educate pediatric cancer patients on an MRI procedure in an entertaining way. The short is part of a series that features a fictional group of characters coined the Imaginary Friend Society, created by RPA, that helps educate kids on cancer treatments in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. 

Roof Studio, led by director Guto Terni, designed a pair of original characters: Charlie, a brainy three-eared white rabbit with charming denim jeans and a bow tie, who acts as the instructor and guide for young viewers; and Roger, a green creature with furry tentacles who is ornamented with blooming flowers and a quaint blue top hat, who provides the comic relief throughout. Terni chose to depict Charlie as a bunny to add a sense of movement to the piece’s single setting, filling up the space and adding an interesting dynamic with his swift motions. Roger’s character design was a fusion of monster and nature, emphasizing a pure spirit that would be relatable to young audiences. The animation transforms the educational and somewhat heavy subject matter into a delightful, yet informative piece that artfully fuses the serious topic with a dose of levity. The short shows Charlie coaching Roger, the more silly and timorous of the duo, through intimidating scenarios including an MRI procedure, easing his nerves with a stuffed animal for support and expanding his imagination to envision the MRI machine as a space ship.

The Imaginary Friend Society campaign took two Gold Lions--one for Integrated Campaign, and the other in the Branded Content & Entertainment: Film, TV and Online Film Content category. 

Other Health & Wellness Gold Lion winers included: Kleenex’s “Tiny Doll” from J. Walter Thompson Bangkok (Branded Content & Entertainment: Film, TV and Online Film Content); DOT Mini, The First Smart Media Device for the Visually Impaired from Serviceplan Germany (Product Innovation); and National Safety Council’s “Prescribed to Death” out of Energy BBDO Chicago (Creative Data Enhancement).

The latter including a remembrance of people who’ve died from opioid addiction. We see a face of a person who died from opioid use. That face is engraved onto a pill. This pill is placed with other “face pills” on a “Prescribed to Death” memorial paying tribute to the victims of the Opioid crisis. The wall consists of 22,000 such pills--the number of people who die in the U.S. each year due to a prescription opioid overdose.

On the Pharma Lions front, the Gold Lion winners in addition to “Blink to Speak” included: Cochlear’s “The Hearing Test in Disguise” from One Proximity Melbourne; and Grunenthal’s “Change Gout” from Grunenthal High Wycombe.


Client Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Agency RPA, Santa Monica, Calif. VFX/Animation Roof Studio, New York Guto Terni, director, art director, animation director, Lookdev, compositing; Derek Henriquez, animation director; Crystal Campbell, exec producer; Emily Branham, producer; Joanna Santos, assistant producer; Heber Conde, storyboard & layout, simulation; Shane O’Hara, 3D lead, Lookdev, 3D lighting/rendering, compositing, fur; Ivan Freire, storyboard; Pedro Minho, Victor El Guy, Lucas Camargo, Rafael Martin, Fabio Valle, Bruno Jacob, Basia Tran, concept art; Rayza Alvarez, Alex Liki, Jean Marcel, Danilo Gerrard, Thiago Batista, Lucas Ribeiro, modeling; Vivi Adade, Danilo Pinheiro, rigging; Alfredo Hisa, layout; Mallo Ryker, Alex Ferreira Simoes, Diego de Paula, Nico Pateta, Marcelo Zanin, Michel Denis da Silva, Rafael Polanczyk, Renato dos Santos Sena, Heber Conde, Paul Wei, Marcio Nicolosi, animation; Josemar Queiroz, fur, 3D lighting/rendering; Lookdev; Joe Nguyen, Vinicius Paniello, 3D lighting/rendering; Flavio Mac, Lookdev & simulation; Guzz Soares, Gustavo Groppo, Lucas Ribeiro, Lookdev; Marcelo Bortolini, lead compositor & pipeline; John Harrison, Bruno Ferrari, compositing. (Toolbox: Maya, 3D Max, Vray, Nuke, After Effects) Sound Butter Music and Sound Additional VO record and mix Mixtape Club



Client National Safety Council Agency Energy BBDO, Chicago Andres Ordonez, chief creative officer; Cinzia Crociani, Meg Farquhar, Michael Shirley, Alejandro Juli, creative directors; Dane Canada, art director; Brynna Alyward, copywriter; Hung Vinh, lead designer; Jaehyuk Choi, Erin Knott, Ramiro Silva, designers; Matt Scoville, executive producer; Shobin Mathew, sr. producer; Mitch Monzon, studio operations; Daniel Kuypers, music producer; Blue Smith, project manager; Larry Gies, chief strategy officer. Production m ss ng p eces Tucker Walsh, director. Editorial Flare Casey Cobler, editor; Kendall Fash, director of postproduction; Srah Krohn, sound engineer. Color/Finishing The Mill Luke Morison, head of color; Sean Jamin Clutcher, artist; Natalie Ksiazek, producer.


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