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"Last Days" Finishes 1st In Quarterly Top Ten Tracks Chart
Andrew Feltenstein (l) & John Nau
Beacon Street meshes score with Elvis Presley’s "It’s Now Or Never" for Jose Cuervo Tequila, CP+B LA

Ad agency CP+B LA conceptualized for client Jose Cuervo tequila this two-minute online video—from which a :60 for national TV has been culled—depicting how bar customers choose to spend their last moments when civilization crumbles around them. As the impending doom worsens outside in a most cinematic way, the party crowd brings the "Tomorrow is Overrated" campaign message to life by doubling down on their music, dancing and drinking.

Ringan Ledwidge of Rattling Stick directed "Last Days" which features a man and woman who come together even as the bar is being ripped apart by a tornado and other forces of nature. He selects on the jukebox "It’s Now Or Never" performed by Elvis Presley. A nearby lass is inspired to join the gent to figuratively face the music and literally dance.

"This campaign bluntly points out that whatever awaits us tomorrow might not be that great of a reason to miss out the fun you could be having tonight," said Kevin Jones, chief creative officer, CP+B LA. "And with all the uncertainty there is in the world now, this message seems particularly relevant."

Adam Arkapaw, ACS lensed "Last Days," with visual effects from Electric Theatre Collective (ETC), Santa Monica, Calif.

The CP+B creative ensemble included Jones, creative director Paddy Fraser, associate creative director/art director Jeff Dryer, associate creative director/copywriter Andrew Jasperson, VP/executive integrated producer Aymi Beltramo, integrated producer Jennifer Malki, and music supervisor Andy Hamm.

Beacon Street Studios in Venice, Calif., served as music house, with sound design and audio post by Lime Studios.

Anerew Feltenstein and John Nau were the Beacon Street composers, working with a Presley rendition of "It’s Now or Never." 

Mark Meyuhas of Lime was both sound designer and audio post mixer.

Beacon Street
Composers Feltenstein and Nau said that among the prime creative challenges they experienced on the job was seamlessly integrating their version of the song with the original Elvis track, making the actors sound as if they were a part of the song without making it sound like a Broadway show while also synching up the piano part to make it look like the female bar patron was actually playing. 

Feltenstein and Nau got their sound to complement "It’s Now Or Never" by paying close attention to the original piano sound, citing director Ledwidge as providing helpful guidance.

CP+B and Ledwidge brought Nau and Feltenstein in before the shoot to help flush out the idea musically. The demo was to be used as a guide on set to sing to. But after the piece was shot, the Beacon Street team went back to redo the music and match the way the piano player moved and performed. Beacon Street also re-recorded all of the actors singing. Both Feltenstein and Nau described the spot as a cool project that they were both psyched to be a part of.

Executive producers for Beacon Street Studios and Lime Studios were, respectively, Adrea Lavezzoli and Susie Boyajan.

Credits for ScreenWork: 

Client Jose Cuervo Agency CP+B LA Kevin Jones, chief creative officer; Paddy Fraser, creative director; Jeff Dryer, associate creative director/art director; Andrew Jasperson, associate creative director/copywriter; Aymi Beltramo, VP/executive integrated producer; Jennifer Malki, integrated producer; Andy Hamm, music supervisor; Benny Thomas, executive strategy director; Melissa Cabral, associate creative director. Production Rattling Stick Ringan Ledwidge, director; Adam Arkapaw, DP; Greg Haggart, line producer; Joe Biggins, Jeff Shupe, exec producers; Richard McIntosh, head of production. Editorial Work Editorial, Culver City, Calif. Rick Orrick, editor; Ben Foushee, assistant editor; Brandee Probasco, editorial producer; Marlo Bird, editorial exec producer. Post/VFX Electric Theatre Collective (ETC), Santa Monica, Calif. Louisa Cartwright, post sr. producer; Therese Mayer, post line producer; Daniel Marum, post creative director/TD; James Sindle, Remi Dessinges, Tommy Smith, shoot supervisors; Jamie O’Hara, Mark Sullivan, post concept/DMPs; Tommy Smith, 2D lead; Adam Watson, Fefo De Souza, Gretchen Capatan, Flame artists; Kevin Jones, Dave Damant, Brendan Smith, Joseph Zaki, Krystal Chinn, Nuke artists; Remi Dessignes, Corinee DeOrsay, CG leads; Steve Beck, Nate Lapinski, Arrev Chantikian, Katie Schiffer, Jared Broddle, Huisoo Lee, Ali Rizvi, Charlie Deogracias, CG team. Audio Mix Lime Studios, Santa Monica Mark Meyuhas, audio engineer; Peter Lapinski, audio assistant engineer. Music Beacon Street Studios, Venice, Calif. Telecine Company 3, NY Tom Poole, colorist; Claire Movshon, telecine producer.