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  • Monday, Sep. 18, 2017
Madison + Vine Adds Directors Driscoll, Harris, Naylor, Watkins
Jack Naylor
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Bicoastal content studio Madison + Vine has added four directors to its talent roster: Jack Driscoll, Jesse Harris, Jack Naylor and Jolyon Watkins. The expansion of the directorial lineup coincides with the company’s launch of a management division as well as the securing of sales reps on both coasts and in the Midwest. 

Driscoll’s work spans such brands as Adidas, Red Bull, Google and New Balance. The U.K.-based filmmaker made his debut with televised documentaries and gained recognition for his ability to fuse highly visual creative language with original, touching storytelling. He continues to be repped by Academy in the U.K. Prior to joining Madison + Vine he was with Casta Diva USA in the American market.

Naylor is an Australian filmmaker who is best known for his ability to draw authentic and often heartfelt performances from both actors and non-actors. He has experience with long-form narrative work as well as short-form commercials and has worked with brands like Blackhawk, Dove, NRMA and B&D. He too was previously with Casta Diva USA and he continues to be handled in Australia by production house Collider.

Harris’ career began at age 17, when he directed a feature that was picked up for U.S. theatrical distribution and by HBO in Europe. Recently, he was named a “Global Shaper,” an initiative of the World Economic Forum, built around young entrepreneurs and do-gooders. Harris has worked with clients such as Volvo, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Disney and Virgin America with his commercial work seen on TV around the world. He had earlier in his career been repped by production house World Famous.

Watkins grew up with an innate interest in cars and fused his love of film with automobiles by going behind the camera to direct commercials. Watkins used his talent for capturing movement and form on camera to pioneer many complex and original filming techniques in the automotive category. Equally as comfortable with storytelling and directing actors, his diversity as a director has taken him on to work for assorted clients including BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Holden and Jeep. Watkins, who continues to be repped by Exit Films in Australia, had previously been with Casta Diva USA in the American market.

On the representation front, Madison + Vine has assembled a new sales force. Becky Jungmann and Allie O’Brien of indie firm Mischief rep Madison + Vine on the West Coast. Marni Halliburton and Sean Sullivan with Collective Management handle the Midwest. And Carl Forsberg and Justin Lasoff of Apostle cover the East Coast. The reps will introduce Madison + Vine directors to a  larger set of opportunities that agency partners can provide.

“This signals exciting growth for Madison + Vine,” said Madison + Vine CEO and founder James Shani. “Driscoll, Harris, Naylor, and Watkins will be powerful additions to our talent roster, and we look forward to our new partnership with these brilliant reps leading into our second year in business.”