MADRE Signs Directing Duo Los Pibes
Los Pibes, consisting of Caio Amantini (l) and Raphael Pamplona
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MADRE has added directing team Los Pibes--consisting of Caio Amantini and Raphael Pamplona--to its talent roster. The Brazilian duo started directing music videos in Argentina after meeting at Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. Since then, their directorial portfolio has expanded to include both advertising and narrative films. Connecting with MADRE marks Los Pibes’ first representation in the U.S. market. They were earlier repped by Kaus in Brazil and Antiestático in Colombia.

Los Pibes is well known for its body of music video work. The Los Pibes-directed music video for the rock band Francisco, El Hombre’s song “MATILHA” has won many awards, including BAMVF, VISIBLE, KIMFF, and European Cinematography Awards. Their first music video, “Hear Me Now,” for DJ Alok, which has more than 550 million views on YouTube, takes the audience on a cinematic journey through the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Following the debut of “Hear Me Now,” Los Pibes caught the attention of brands and companies which have since hired them to make commercial films.

Kinetic camera movement, emotionally rich performances, and texturized imagery are woven throughout Los Pibes’ work. Their ads dig into the psyche of offbeat characters and incorporate unusual, occasionally surreal aesthetics. Los Pibes has helmed films in a diverse range of countries, including Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, collaborating with international brands like Google, Uber, Tinder, Netflix, Trident, Cup Noodles, Mondelez, Outback, Sprite, and Anheuser-Busch. 

In a joint statement, the Los Pibes filmmakers--who bring a fresh perspective born out of the Latin gaze--shared, “The vibe of the [MADRE] team is incredible. They’re a well-established production company with a curated roster, which reflects how valued each of MADRE’s directors is. We’re eager to start working together and grow our audiences in new markets.”

Jonathon Ker, MADRE’s founder and managing director, added, “Caio and Raphael are dynamic filmmakers in every sense. They each have such different personalities and sources of inspiration and when they come together, they’re bound to make magic happen on set. They communicate so beautifully with each other and with us that you can tell that the creation of Los Pibes was born from a natural friendship. They’re immensely talented, and we look forward to having them with us at MADRE.”


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