Nexus Studios Signs Oscar/Emmy-Winning Director Patrick Osborne For Spots, Branded Content
Patrick Osborne
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Director Patrick Osborne has signed with Nexus Studios for worldwide representation spanning commercials, branded content and music videos. Osborne is known for his animated short Feast which won an Oscar in 2015, and the VR film Pearl, nominated in 2017 for a Best Animated Short Oscar and recipient of a juried Emmy Award for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Programming.

Feast, a Disney animated short, tells a heart-warming and romantic tale featuring a fast-food obsessed dog named Winston. Pearl, the first ever VR film to earn an Oscar nomination, was created for Google Spotlight Stories. Pearl delves into a father-daughter relationship over the years, centered on their time together on the road in a car. In Pearl we see the girl Sarah grow before our eyes largely within the confines of the car which is eventually handed down to her. Also passed on to Sarah is her dad’s love for the arts as she becomes a musician/performer like her dad. In addition to garnering an Emmy Award and an Oscar nomination, Pearl earned three Annie Awards in 2017.

Prior to directing, Patrick was animation supervisor on the Oscar-winning short Paperman and an animator on Disney features including Wreck It Ralph, Tangled and Bolt.

Nexus Studios founder and executive creative director Christopher O’Reilly said, “Patrick is a captivating storyteller and one of the most exciting talents working in animation. He has a curiosity for the world that informs both his stories and how he goes about making them.”


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