Ntropic LA Tabs Feature Vet Juliet Tierney To Serve As EP
Juliet Tierney
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With work on Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA-winning feature film “I, Tonya” (dir. Craig Gillespie) under her belt, VFX producer Juliet Tierney has signed on to lead Ntropic’s Los Angeles studio as its executive producer. Beyond her rich history of producing cutting-edge VFX for feature films, TV, and commercials, Tierney brings years of experience working with some of the world’s best production companies and agencies. 

Tierney joins Ntropic from Eight VFX, where as head of production, she provided leadership, strategy, workflow and process across a range of projects. In addition to her work for “I, Tonya,” Tierney produced the pilot and first episode of hit FOX sci-fi show “The Orville” (dir. Seth MacFarlane).

Previously, she spent four years as senior producer at MPC, mastering the VFX pipeline for 2D and 3D work. Tierney produced award-winning projects like NBA’s “Jingle Hoops,” GEICO’s “It’s What You Do,” and a Super Bowl spot for AAA. Another MPC Creative favorite, FIAT’s “Godzilla,” used actual assets from the feature film while also leveraging Tierney’s production experience on live action shoots, working alongside MPC’s in-house directorial talent. 

Before MPC, Tierney was executive producer at Fallon London and senior producer at Mother London where she worked directly with Coca-Cola, Motorola, and Stella Artois. She became known for celebrity-driven, cinematic advertising while producing the iconic Orange “Goldspot” ads featuring Rob Lowe, Snoop Dogg, Angelica Houston and others. This eventually led Tierney to spend a year working hand-in-hand with Al Moseley, current president and CCO of 180LA, on “The Prince’s Rainforest Project.” The pioneering AR piece, produced by Framestore, was commissioned by Prince Charles and featured luminaries Robin Williams, Harrison Ford, Pele, and the Dalai Lama.

“Ntropic has deep roots in the VFX world,” said company founder/ECD Nate Robinson, “and Los Angeles has always been a home base for what we do, from film and TV to commercials and music videos. We were looking for the right person to really connect with clients of all disciplines, but also with a level of critical thinking to be able to actualize our overall business strategy. Juliet’s charisma and strong leadership acumen were apparent right off the bat.”  

Tierney found Ntropic to be well-equipped for a constantly evolving creative industry. “Coming from an agency and production background in the U.K., and then moving into postproduction, I became aware of how everything could work together in a strategic way,” said Tierney. “That’s what really attracted me to Ntropic. While everyone’s talking about 360 production, VR/AR innovations, and working directly with brands as well as agencies, it felt like Ntropic had been at it awhile and were already leaders in those fields.” 

Ntropic also maintains bases of operation in San Francisco and New York City.


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