Rakish Signs Directorial Duo TWIN For U.S. Representation
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Production company Rakish has signed creative duo TWIN--consisting of brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker--for U.S. representation. 

The directorial team’s genre-bending versatility has attracted a wide range of clients including Beats By Dre, Nike, Honda, Powerade, Google, AT&T, Gillette, HP, Nissan, Hyundai and Heineken. In 2018, TWIN released their debut feature film with Lionsgate--Kin, starring Jack Reynor, Zoe Kravitz, Dennis Quaid, and Michael B. Jordan. Adapted from their short film Bag Man, which premiered at SXSW in 2015, Kin is a sci-fi thriller with stunning visuals that investigates the bond of chosen family.

The Baker brothers said they were drawn to the boutique sensibility of Rakish, regarding it as a tightly-knit destination for them to continue honing their spotmaking chops while also developing several long-form film and TV projects. The duo had previously been signed to U.S. production houses Rabbit, followed by RESET.

TWIN is also active internationally, continuing to be repped by Academy in the U.K., Tempo Media in Germany, Division in France and The Sweet Shop in Australia and New Zealand. 

Rakish executive producer Brad Johns assessed, “You can’t put TWIN into one box. TWIN understands how to envision and articulate the final product. They can seamlessly blend something fantastical and visually wild with something that feels embedded in the natural world.”

EP Preston Garrett added, “Often it’s the combination of contrasting genres which can be the most enjoyable, and feel the most unique. Regardless of the style they’re exploring, TWIN always aims to move an audience emotionally – even within the most epic of canvases.”

The brothers’ perpendicular journeys landed them where they are today. Starting out independently as motion graphics designers at two of Australia’s most notable post houses, they made their own transitions into directing commercials solo before joining forces. The Bakers in 2007 found themselves, with directorial ambitions, both wanting to move to New York. Rather than directly compete with each other, it made more sense, said the brothers, “to Voltron ourselves and walk through the door with twice the amount of work.” Plus they saw assorted other advantages to becoming a helming duo--having someone to lean on or look with “‘how good is this?!’ eyes.”

With 15-plus years of experience directing together, the brothers have caught Rakish’s attention as creators who have retained the zeal and imagination of fresh young directors, while also embodying the wisdom of veteran filmmakers. 

It’s a relationship that is simpatico in every regard, stated Jonathan Baker. “It’s rare at this point in your career to find a team that so effortlessly clicks with the way you like to work and create, and specifically how you connect with the people around you. Rakish is that fit for us.”


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