Saturday, April 20, 2019
  • Friday, Apr. 12, 2019
Rep Report for April 12, 2019
Lauren Schuchman of rep firm Diplomat

NYC-headquartered creative design, animation and mixed media studio LOBO has expanded its sales team, signing with Anya Zander and Andrew Michaeloff of Hustle/Side Hustle on the East Coast, Lauren Schuchman of Diplomat on the West Coast, and Partizan in the U.K. Diplomat’s roster also includes Sweetshop, Believe Media, Slim Pictures, COLOSALLE, Nomad, and KEVIN. Hustle’s roster includes Partizan, Ruffian, Tool of North America, CHROMISTA, Sweetshop, NO6, Whitehouse Post, duotone, Carbon, and Art Jail. Side Hustle’s roster also includes Partizan Studio, MediaMonks Animation, London Alley, Cap Gun Collective, and Identity. Diplomat founder Schuchman held positions at Hybrid Edit and The Sweetshop as head of U.S. sales before launching her own independent firm. Partizan will represent LOBO’s full roster of talent in the U.K. Side Hustle recently launched as part of the Hustle network with a focus on marketing and strategy for design-driven studios and niche live-action production offerings.... 

Production industry vet Meredith Machial has launched Liaison. The new venture will rep a roster which includes The Chimney Group, Great Guns, Bandit Edit, Scout Studios,  Claus Studios, Edit 1, The Music Playground and Bestfriend.  Liaison will handle Great Guns, Bandit Edit, Scout Studios, Claus Studios and Edit 1 in the Midwest and Texas. Repped in Texas by Liaison are The Chimney Group, The Music Playground and Bestfriend. Machial began her career at Reel FX in Dallas. Prior to starting Liaison, she held executive producer positions at 321Launch, Charlex and Resident Creative Studio in New York City and SWAY Studio in Los Angeles.  While at SWAY Machial also executive produced for feature and television projects, including 2012 and Nip/Tuck. Machial and Liaison are currently based in Dallas.....


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