Ridley Scott Creative Group, Outernet Team On Development/Production Platform For Immersive Content
Rendition of Outernet's immersive media space in London, slated to open in December 2020.
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Outernet Global, a high-capacity network of immersive media spaces in global city centers with the first due to open in London in December 2020, is entering into a major partnership with the Ridley Scott Creative Group. Called “Tomorrow Now,” it will provide an early stage script and storyboard funding process to seek out and develop the next generation of talent producing immersive mixed reality and audio-visual ideas.

On identifying this new talent, the Ridley Scott Creative Group and its music and creative production arm Black Dog Films will lead a commissioning and production process to create atomized content. This will be curated across the floor to ceiling 8K Screens within Outernet all the way through to social media platforms. There will be opportunities for brand partner involvement also, with deals meaning brands can produce moments that will resonate culturally as well as commercially given Outernet’s commitment to building a space that goes far beyond static advertising.

In addition, the campus will feature retail space both permanent and pop up allowing brands to reach consumers digitally and physically with the huge footfall from commuters, tourists and Londoners. Outernet’s daily content curation will merge industry-leading artistry with the most innovative technology unleashing extraordinary and entertaining experiences for audiences. Brands will be able to tap into the value of this immersive media environment on a scale not seen before.

Philip O’Ferrall, Outernet’s CEO, said “Outernet’s extraordinary audio-visual capabilities provide a brand-new canvas for storytelling, so we need a new breed of storyteller to deliver truly immersive narrative experiences. We are looking for the iconoclasts, the pioneers, the creative visionaries whose ideas challenge the conventions of how stories come to life on screen. Throughout the conception of Outernet, we asked ourselves if anyone in the entertainment industry could match our ambition and one name kept recurring: Ridley Scott. 'Tomorrow Now' is the marriage of ambitions and a shared admiration for a new generation of filmographer. I couldn’t be more excited about what this partnership will create; and as the annual award season gets into full swing, I can’t help but dream what might be around the corner for us...”

Sir Ridley Scott said “Filmmaking is a collaborative process and we’re always looking for new talent and new ideas. We are a company that unites creativity with technology to push the boundaries of what entertainment can be and Outernet shares that vision so I think we will do something very special together.”

Martin Roker, head of Black Dog Films, said “Black Dog Films has a storied history of seeking out and developing new directing talent. Our future-facing ethos reflects the wider culture of the Ridley Scott Creative Group, demonstrable in our exciting new collaboration with Outernet Global on this truly unique project.”

The Ridley Scott Creative Group spans RSA Films, Black Dog Films, Scott Free, and Darling Films, offering a wide range of commercial, content and entertainment production.

The Outernet is a planned global network of hubs designed to elevate the culture and commerce of the world’s great cities through the largest, most immersive digital experiences. Outernet is at the forefront of the global media economy, taking brand experiences to a whole new level.  Outernet London’s campus will consist of two huge immersive public spaces--The Now Building and Now Trending. Each space features 8K, 360-degree floor-to-ceiling screens capable of delivering ambitious, groundbreaking audio-visual experiences. Brand owners and advertisers will be able to tap into the versatility, scale and connectivity of the Outernet network.


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