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Rodeo Show Adds Director Alec Sutherland To U.S. Spot Roster
Alec Sutherland
  • VENICE, Calif.
  • --

Production company Rodeo Show has signed director Alec Sutherland for U.S. commercial representation. He has helmed spots for such brands as AT&T, Budweiser, Visa, General Electric, USAID and Benjamin Moore. 

Sutherland’s work for Benjamin Moore was awarded an Integrated Lion at Cannes Lions and a Titanium award. Sutherland brings over five years of experience directing in-house for agencies including Anomaly, The Martin Agency, MRY and Barbarian Group, and production companies such as Element in Boston, Good Fight in Washington D.C., Vice and Rabbit in New York. The latter was his most recent roost prior to joining Rodeo Show.

Sutherland was propelled into the industry by his first project out of college: a spec ad for the original iPhone which went viral, garnering millions of views, crashing his site, and drawing the attention of agencies and production companies. Sutherland then leveraged his unique filmmaking perspective in the digital age to build his reel, adding top brands and agencies to his slate. He is passionate about seeing a project through from start to finish, remaining heavily involved throughout the editorial process by occasionally editing his own work or collaborating closely with editors. 

Rodeo Show executive producer Raphael Leopold noted, “Alec is an authentic and creative person with the ability to produce visually stunning work that shines bright and uniquely taps into the emotions of its viewers. He is an incredible collaborator and creative partner.” 


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