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  • Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018
A scene from "The Acid Survivor"
Director Peyton Wilson Joins Bullitt For Spots, Branded Entertainment

Director Peyton Wilson--whose latest work includes the short documentaries The Acid Survivor and The Inmate--has joined Bullitt for commercials and branded entertainment representation in the U.S. She independently helmed the two shorts, which just debuted on the Upworthy online platform as part of the On Meaning series. Presented by Bullitt Entertainment, The Inmate and The Acid Survivor, respectively, take us inside a penitentiary where confinement and movement intersect to provide solace, and to India where acid attack victims cope with acts of personal terror by helping others.

The series On Meaning compassionately captures those largely unseen to help gain a broader understanding of what propels people onward. The films are a poignant reminder that society’s focus on happiness doesn’t necessarily lead to more of it. On Meaning shows that the surest path to a happy life isn’t the pursuit of happiness--rather the key lies in finding a journey with meaning. In fact, when people find meaning, their overall wellbeing dramatically increases.  Wilson, a filmmaker known for documenting resonant topics, created this series in collaboration with an all-female production team. 

In advertising as in film, Wilson is known for eliciting emotion through a balance of wonder and relatable subjects, most recently the “First-Ever” campaign for Ford EcoSport, which sheds light on people who have dreams of doing something extraordinary. Sometimes the extraordinary seems ordinary until one delves into the story. For example, in the case of the “First Ever” fare out of agency Global Team Blue (GTB), Wilson introduces us to a young woman who, due to cultural and generational norms, has never properly hugged her parents. Following a devastating earthquake in her home country of Japan in 2011, she realized the necessity of expressing to her loved ones the impact they’ve had on her life. Seven years later, she flies her parents from Japan to Los Angeles for a memory-making tour of her new home in her Ford EcoSport. The trip culminates in a proclamation of her love and respect for her parents, and her regret for not properly hugging them before leaving after the 2011 disaster. Finally, she hugs them--an emotional moment now realized in a simple trip to the beach.

This Ford campaign was produced by Chelsea Pictures, Wilson’s roost for spots and branded content prior to her now joining Bullitt. She is a member of Free The Bid.

Known for documentary and docu-style explorations for all screens, Wilson’s work includes a piece for Norton that brings attention to the effects of online bullying, and the “Reinvent My Story” campaign for HP (BBDO).  Other noted commercial projects include “Louisa” as part of Dove’s “Amazing Moments” series (Ogilvy & Mather UK), a campaign for the U.S. Navy (Campbell-Ewald) featuring a reservist and chaplain whose poignant narratives unfold in authentically documented stories; and an integrated campaign for Nokia about TED Fellows (Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam).

A California native, Wilson has always punctuated a love for the great outdoors with a focus on writing and filmmaking. Her documentary films include the acclaimed fighter pilot feature Speed and Angels. Honored with festival awards, the film also screened at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum before being broadcast on Discovery Channel. Her documentary short The Bronzer--a portrait of an offbeat traveling salesman--enjoyed a successful festival run and rave reviews.

“Peyton’s breadth of experience and body of work is very impressive and we’re grateful for the collaboration to come,” said Bullitt president/EP Luke Ricci. “She’s expert at harnessing incredible emotionally felt performances in authentic contexts from both professional actors and real people in a way that truly connects audiences to her work and its characters.  We’re excited that Peyton is now a part of the Bullitt family and thrilled to be supporting the commercial and branded entertainment aspect of her career.”

Wilson related, “Bullitt was founded to expand boundaries by working in all forms of storytelling. Since I direct both branded and unbranded projects, this perspective is energizing and the right environment for all that I love to do. I’m excited to see what we create together.”

Credits for ScreenWork: 

Production Peyton Wilson, director; Tami Reiker, DP; Sejal Deshpande, producer, India; Maeliosa Tiernan, line producer. (Presented by Bullitt Entertainment) Editorial Jessica Congdon, editor. Music Fall On Your Sword Color MPC

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