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  • Friday, Apr. 15, 2022
HELO Adds 5 Pound Pixel NFT Studio To Talent Roster

Production company HELO has signed full-service NFT studio 5 Pound Pixel to its talent roster. Led by veteran digital artists and long-time creative collaborators Kyle Ruddick and Robert Brown, 5 Pound Pixel joins HELO on a mission to help brands leverage aesthetically beautiful and technologically innovative NFTs to drive storytelling, experiences, and engagement with target audiences.

 “As talks of the metaverse come to the forefront, our collective of creators is seeking to transform the digital space by emphasizing artistic and technological excellence through NFTs. HELO’s expertise in crafting moving experiences is a natural fit for our talent and a welcomed partnership, as we strive to innovate possibilities for brands through use of the blockchain,” stated 5 Pound Pixel co-founder Ruddick.

5 Pound Pixel co-founder Brown added, “NFTs are bringing the world a democratized way to showcase digital art, and we’re eager to help brands pioneer how they can use NFT technology as a new engagement tool to create cutting-edge experiences for consumers. As the physical and digital world converge, we’re excited to partner with HELO and continue trailblazing this emerging field.” 

5 Pound Pixel’s co-founders combine more than three decades of collective experience producing standout digital artistry and developing visual experiences for leading brands, including Star Wars, McDonalds, THX, Viacom, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Overstock, Deloitte, and Cheerios. Under the direction of Ruddick and Brown, 5 Pound Pixel utilizes advanced creative film industry tools and custom developed software to produce unique and high-end visual experiences. Through signing with HELO, 5 Pound Pixel is seeking to partner with brands on crafting aesthetically captivating and purpose-driven NFTs that are accessible to consumers, reflect narrative visual storytelling, align with brand messaging, and authentically engage with target audiences. 

5 Pound Pixel recently launched on the heels of creating “Pictures of Crypto,” an NFT series that translated daily cryptocurrency market data into creative visualizations; the series received awards for top artistry during the inaugural NFT LA 2022 convention.

“Helping brands stay fresh, authentic, and culturally relevant is critical for cutting through the noise. Kyle, Robert and the team at 5 Pound Pixel are leveraging disruptive technologies in incredible ways that will help our clients innovate and make an impact as the metaverse becomes a reality,” said Brendan Kiernan, co-founder and managing director, HELO.


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