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  • Monday, Apr. 15, 2024
Filmmaker Nico Bongio Joins DOMO For His First U.S. Representation

DOMO has added Nico Bongio to its roster of multidisciplinary directors. This marks his first signing with a U.S. company. He continues to be handled in Mexico by production house Landia.

Born and raised in Mexico, Bongio began his career in photography. As a director, he combines that refined appetite for lighting and framing with his drive to tell contemporary stories that evoke emotion. He has directed campaigns for international brands like  Nissan, Delta, KFC, YouTube, Modelo, Samsung, Home Depot, and Nike, among many others. He’s also directed several short films, including Spirit, Awake, Re-Birth, Love F.M., and the documentary Fountain of Youth, which focuses on humanity’s efforts to live an extended, healthy life. 

“I believe in the power of art to bridge the cultural divide between the individual and the collective conscious, and the responsibility that influence comes with,” remarked Bongio who added, “DOMO is similarly forward-minded and radically attuned. They believe in the power of co-creation, the art of the craft, and the lasting impact a powerful film can have on the world. I could not be in better hands, and I’m thrilled to join the ranks of DOMO’s incredible roster.”

Rani Melendez, managing partner and executive producer of DOMO, said, “Nico comes with every tool in his filmic toolbox at the ready. He’s ravenous for challenge and excited by opportunity, a quality unique to those with a deep love of directing and a commitment to artistic growth. His fearlessly crafted visual language and deep-seated passion for the human condition make for a breed of evocative storytelling all his own.”

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