SHOOT Publicity Wire’s Most Viewed Videos In 2018 Offer Comedy, Drama, Food For Thought
Landing the most watched SPW video for 2018 is an ultra-chipper co-worker who awkwardly brings social media conventions into the real world to convey her boundless enthusiasm about Havertys in “Hashtag,” directed by Lucky 21’s Rob Pritts.
A rundown of SPW’s top 35 videos of the year
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The most viewed videos of 2018 posted to the SHOOT Publicity Wire (SPW) span comedy, drama, a sensory trip, and food for thought relative to breaking away from our insular glued to the smartphone and TV screen existence.

The most viewed SPW video of 2018 was furniture retailer Haverty’s “Hashtag” directed by Robb Pritts of Lucky 21 for agencies Unbound and Three Headed Monster. The comedy spot introduces us to an ultra-enthused worker who awkwardly brings social media conventions into her daily verbal vernacular.

Taking second place in the rundown was this :90 for Orangetheory Fitness directed by Justin Corsbie of Synthetic Pictures for agency The Tombras Group. Part of the brand’s first national campaign, “More Orangetheory--More Life” give us a glimpse of diverse fitness club members through vignettes which show the relationship between custom workouts and active lifestyles.

Third in the SPW video view derby was the short “Night Dancing” from long-time collaborators, Union partner/editor Marco Perez and director Barney Cokeless (repped by Dark Energy/London and Steam Films/Toronto). “Night Dancing” stars Jason Thorpe (well-known in the UK for comedy, taking a more dramatic turn here) as a man whose nights are consumed by visions of a street dancer (Louise Tanoto). Unsure whether she--or her partner (Jacob Ingram-Dodd)--are real, our protagonist relates this to his therapist (Alister Cameron), in an attempt to qualify his sanity, or, perhaps, to free his soul. On the strength of “Night Dancing,” Perez won the Best Editing Award at the 5th annual Utah Dance Film Festival, alongside Best Director for Cokeliss, and the Audience Award.

Finishing fourth was this wry “Hey George RR Martin” spot, part of an Upwork campaign which offers freelance help to pop culture figures, business icons, institutions and political leaders. In this case, George RR Martin is offered ghost writing help to put the finishing touches on “Game of Thrones.” The animated digital video was produced by Gentleman Scholar for agency Duncan Channon.

Taking fifth place is this sneak-peek at “The Gateway,” a visually driven series on 420TV, billed as a premium cannabis news, entertainment and lifestyle OTT channel. The show provides an ambient visual/audio backdrop that can enhance a party, chill-out or other activity of the viewer’s choice.

The sixth slot in our SPW tally is an Astral Tequila “Philippe” spot directed by Andrew Laurich of ContagiousLA for agency Erich & Kallman. The tongue-in-cheek piece features pop culture icon Jonathan Goldsmith of “Most Interesting Man” fame.

Taking seventh place is Texas Rangers’ “Baseball Season,” a promo which aired locally during the Super Bowl. Created by TM Advertising in partnership with director Lan Freedman and editor James Rayburn of charlieuniformtango, the comedy spot shows us a bear--and a Rangers’ baseball fan--coming out of winter hibernation, ready for the start of baseball season.

Earning eighth place was a 2018 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival promo, “Mute,” in which people are glued to their smartphones or the TV screen, insulated from human contact--until a man enters an elevator with a woman and breaks the silence to talk about a great movie he saw the previous night. An inspiring film inspires conversation in this charming piece directed by William Hughes Thompson of The Colony for Ogilvy Atlanta.

Finishing ninth was this comedy spot for Las Vegas tourism directed by Roderick Fenske via Bully Pictures for agency R&R Partners. “Time Flies When You’re in Vegas” introduces us to a time traveler who enjoys a wild ride in Sin City but when returning to his era sticks by the mantra that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

And rounding out the SPW video top ten was another Astral Tequila spot featuring Goldsmith, also directed by ContagiousLA’s Laurich for Erich & Kallman. Titled “Best Actor,” Goldsmith is informed that he has won an award for best thespian before his film has even been released. This is clearly an achievement that “calls for tequila.”

Here’s a rundown of the year’s 35 most viewed videos on the SHOOT Publicity Wire for 2018: (click title to view video):

RANK SHOOT  Publicity Wire Most Viewed Videos of 2018 AUTHOR
  click video title to see video & credits click author for more
1 Havertys "Hashtag" HYPE
2 Orangetheory Fitness' “More Orangetheory - More Life"
3 "Night Dancing" (short film) Raging Artists PR
4 Upwork "Hey World" Ad Campaign - "Hey George RR Martin" Darnell Works
5 420TV Original Series Sneak-Peek: "The Gateway" Priority PR
6 Astral Tequila "Philippe" Raging Artists PR
7 Texas Rangers' ‘Baseball Season”
8 "Mute." The AJFF 2018 festival film The Colony
9 Time Flies When You’re in Vegas Artisans PR
10 Astral Tequila "Best Actor" Raging Artists PR
11 U2 "The Blackout" MUGSY
12 Miss Snake Charmer (Trailer) Raging Artists PR
13 "Cat Math" - The Solution is Ten Raging Artists PR
14 Universal Kids "Young"
15 Skoda "Made For" MUGSY
16 Copper Face Jacks' "World's End" MUGSY
17 "Right to Drive" Short film by Sean Thonson Raging Artists PR
18 Paper & Packaging's "Paper Business Pitch"
19 Fearlessly Independent Since 1906 RAZ PR
20 Paper & Packaging's "Box Mission"
21 BMW's "The Someday Ride" HYPE
22 CoolSculpting | "Chili Pepper" Wild Plum
23 HomeVestors' "Tilted" Kiran Koshy
24 HomeVestors' "Divorce" Kiran Koshy
25 Imagination Artisans PR
26 Behind the Scenes of Randal Ford's "The Animal Kingdom: A Collection of Portraits"
27 Mazda's "The Story Of Passion" RPG Los Angeles
28 Lexus “Genetic Select”
29 Consent: Chug
30 The all new is Coming
31 Deschutes Brewery "Eclipse" RPG Los Angeles
32 Trickle Up's "Wilma" Northern Lights
33 Consent: Stop
34 Flexon VR HYPE
35 Civil War Stock Footage Reel


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