SHOOT Publicity Wire Shares The Most Viewed Entertainment Industry News Releases In 2021
Evan Jackson Leong, director of the feature film "Snakehead." News of "Snakehead" making its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival was the most viewed publicity release on SPW in 2021.
Coverage includes award show winners, feature premieres, interviews with location pros

The most engaging publicity news releases on the SHOOT Publicity Wire (SPW) in 2021 included a rundown of winners--at the AICP Show as well as the Asian World Film Festival--along with the news of the world premieres of narrative feature Snakehead at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and the feature documentary Introducing Selma Blair at the SXSW Fest. Also in the mix were interviews with location manager/scout Stacey McGillis and producer/location manager Laura M. Blair, both conducted by Universal Studios Florida Production Group.

Topping the 2021 SPW rundown was news that director Evan Jackson Leong’s feature Snakehead would indeed debut at the Santa Barbara Fest. Based on the true story of Sister Ping (Cheng Chui Ping) and the Chinatown-based snakehead syndicate, who escorted Chinese immigrants into the United States for nearly two decades, the film was co-produced by Valiant Pictures, King Street Pictures--led by producer Dan Mark--408 Films and Arowana Films, and repped by XYZ Films.

Finishing second in the SPW views tally was a report of a special groundbreaking Alta Global Media-organized reception held for Haitian actor Jimmy Jean-Louis during the 74th annual Cannes Film Festival.

Taking third place in our rundown was another rundown--of winners at the 6th annual Asian World Film Festival. Topping the results was director Sarmad Sultan Khoosa’s Circus of Life, the Oscar submission from Pakistan, which took the Snow Leopard Award for Best Film. 

Fourth place went to an interview with location manager/scout Stacey McGillis, conducted by the Universal Studios Florida Production Group.

Landing in fifth place in number of SPW views was Todd Masters and his character FX team MASTERSFX for winning their third Emmy Award--a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Special Effects Costumes on the strength of MASTERSFX’s work on the Universal Studios/1440-produced TV movie Aliens Stole My Body.

Settling in sixth place was the announcement of the On Demand, digital and DVD release of the thriller feature Painkiller from director Mark Savage.

Generating the seventh highest total of views in 2021 was news of Introducing Selma Blair making its world premiere at SXSW in the Documentary Feature Competition. The film also reunited director Rachel Fleit and editor Sloane Klevin (a partner at Union Editorial).

Ending up eighth was Simply Food’s release of HODL NOODLE, a limited edition instant ramen specifically for stock and crypto investors.

Nestled in the ninth slot was a full rundown of AICP Show winners commemorating the best advertising of the year.

And rounding out SPW’s top ten for 2021 was an interview of line producer and location manager Laura M. Blair, conducted, by the Universal Studios Florida Production Group.

Here’s a rundown of the year’s 25 most viewed news releases on the SHOOT Publicity Wire and their authors (click title to read release).

Title | Author

1. “Snakehead”, Inspired by NYC Chinatown Icon Sister Ping, Premieres at Santa Barbara International Film Festival | Press Kitchen

2. Haitian Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis and Gheskio Make History In Cannes | Theo Dumont

3. 6th Annual Asian World Film Festival Announces Winners | Weissman Markovitz

4. Location Manager Spotlight Courtesy of Universal Studios Florida Production Group: Stacey McGillis | The Darnell Works Agency

5. Todd Masters and MastersFX Win Third Emmy Award In Category “Outstanding Special Effects Costumes, Makeup” For Universal/1440 TV Movie “Aliens Stole My Body” | Asbury PR

6. “Painkiller,” Vigilante Thriller By Filmmaker Mark Savage (“Purgatory Road” and “Stressed to Kill”) Hits On Demand, Digital and DVD May 4th, 2021 | Lovejoy PR

7. SXSW: Director Rachel Fleit, Editor Sloane Klevin Reunite For ‘Introducing, Selma Blair’ | Raging Artists

8. Simply Food Releases HODL NOODLE - A Limited Edition Instant Ramen Specifically For Stock and Crypto Investors | Lore

9. The AICP Show Honors The Best Advertising of the Year 2021 | avagnoni communications

10. Location Manager Spotlight Courtesy of Universal Studios Florida Production Group: Laura M. Blair | The Darnell Works Agency

11. WorkInProgress Hires Creative Directors McCormick and O’Neill To Lead Domino’s Account | Sapka Communications

12. charlieuniformtango Partners To Assume Ownership of The Company November 2021 | Young Company

13. Longtime Partners Heather Heller & Francis Lawrence Launch VANDAL for Commercials, Music Videos and More | Raging Artists

14. Colourlab Ai 1.3 Brings Ed Lachman’s EL Zone Zone System, NDI support, HDR Scopes & Additional 3D LUT Creation Tools | Colourlab

15. Boris FX Announces Silhouette 2021 - A Major Update With New Artist-Friendly Rotoscoping, Paint Tools and A Complete Node-Based Plugin | Boris FX

16. Kommune|NoSlate Create, Produce And Post New Global SAP Ad “Dear Business” | Right Word Media

17. Women of Color Commercial Directing Program Announces Three Deserving Winners, Plus Completed Subaru Spec Spot | RACONTEUR

18. “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway” Mixed at Sony Pictures | Artisans PR

19. Katherine Waddell, Em Johnson and their company First Bloom Films Sign With Ben Phelps of Emagine Content | Impact 24 PR

20. Sony Pictures Post Production Services Stirs Up Thrills and Chills For “The Unholy” | Artisans PR

21. AICP Awards Names 2021 Curatorial Committees and Jury Presidents for AICP Show, AICP Post Awards and Next Awards | avagnoni communications

22. Hula Post Supported Disney’s “Cruella” Editorial Team | Jay Hopkins 

23. The Post New York Alliance Hails Extension of New York’s Post-Production Credit | Artisans PR

24. 3D NFT Launch Is a Game-Changer - With a ‘Street Fighter’ - Quality Game Included | Raging Artists

25. WrkFlo Solutions Offers Streamlined In-House Production and Post Solutions For Agencies and Brands | Artisans PR


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