SHOOT Publicity Wire's Most Viewed Videos In 2017 Provide Laughs, Insights, Custom Valentines
"Mama's Got Bump" finished first in the rundown of most viewed SPW videos in 2017
A rundown of SPW's top 35 videos of the year
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The most viewed videos of 2017 posted to the SHOOT Publicity Wire (SPW) span comedy, vehicular performance, a behind-the-scenes breakdown of VFX creation for a major feature film, an inspired parody, a website for custom valentines, even a tribute to a school’s “whole-brain” approach to engineering, among other varied fare.

The most viewed SPW video of 2017 was “Mama’s Got Bump,” the #loveyourbodyday short from Moms You’d Like to Friend (MYLF). The video hit the ground running, amassing 3.9 million views on Facebook alone in its first week. Directed by Cat Deakins and Masha Sapron, written by Sapron, shot by Deakins and cut by Daniel Luna of Union Editorial, the video celebrates postpartum bodies as it parodies Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” (with vocal by Quin Walters).

Taking second place in the rundown was the show open for HLN’s Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield, featuring a soundtrack from Stephen Arnold Music. Underscoring Banfield’s expertise, the strong musical theme is driven by distinctive strings, horns and assertive percussion that perfectly captured the spirit of Primetime Justice. 

Third in the SPW video view derby was a comedy campaign for Georgia-based US Auto Sales, conceived by Atlanta creative boutique Nine Mile Circle. The spots feature wrestling legend Rick Flair as an over-the-top flimflamming used car salesman. Flair portrays the proprietor of Papa Flair’s Used Cars, deploying tactics such as body slamming his hapless customers. US Auto Sales is offered as an alternative for people who’d rather avoid the arm twisting and stereotypical badgering from a shady used car dealer.

Finishing fourth in video views was a Chevrolet Camaro short film in which the Camaro takes on an AI-powered car. The human driver behind the wheel of the Camaro finds a way to beat the odds and win against the futuristic vehicle. Chevrolet, The Mill and Epic Games teamed to present this short titled The Human Race.

Taking fifth place was a WWE 2K18 video game ad from ad agency barrettSF. The “Vandal” spot focuses on the future by disrespecting the past, carrying the tagline “Be Like No One.” The star on the videogame cover is Seth Rollins, a wrestler who couldn’t care less about the past; in fact, he’s burning it to the ground. Rollins is a dynamic in-ring architect, charismatic leader and fan-favorite WWE personality. Showcasing him created a unique opportunity to elevate the next generation of WWE Superstars by rebelling against rather than embracing the company’s storied history.

The sixth slot in our SPW tally went to promo fare for NerdWallet, a personal finance resource that helps consumers find the best credit card offfers, insurance, and other financial products. This is part of the first-ever national campaign showcasing NerdWallet’s intuitive, data-driven options. Created by Blackbelt and Anonymous Content director Casey Storm, the humor-driven digital and broadcast campaign is titled “Nothing Beats Knowing.”

Seventh place was taken by A Different Way of Thinking, a film produced by Mode Project. A Different Way of Thinking, produced for the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University, explores the school’s unique “whole-brain” approach to engineering, which was honored by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) with a gold award from its Circle of Excellence competition.

Earning eighth place was Alfa Romeo’s “Dear Predictable” in which a driver says goodbye to “predictable,” meaning every other luxury sedan. In doing so, she says hello to the Alfa Romeo Giulia which she appreciates for more than just its beauty, falling in love with the car’s power and soul-stirring performance, delivering a permanent escape from monotony.

Finishing ninth was a video breaking down the visual effects created by Rising Sun Pictures for X-Men: Apocalypse. A prime focus is the electrifying scene where Quicksilver (Evan Peters) uses his hyper-speed ability to rescue students from an exploding mansion.

And rounding out the SPW video Top Ten was this piece introducing Snuggle Serenades whereby folks can create their own video valentines by visiting a special website. The custom valentines can be made for that special someone and feature unique performances from the brands iconic mascot, Snuggle Bear.

Here’s a rundown of the year’s 35 most viewed videos on the SHOOT Publicity Wire for 2017 (click title to view video):

  1. Mama’s Got Bump   
  2. CNN HLN “Primetime Justice” with Ashleigh Banfield   
  3. Papa Flair’s Used Cars 
  4. The Human Race | Camaro | Chevrolet   
  5. WWE 2K18’s ”Vandal”  
  6. NerdWallet’s “Nothing Beats Knowing” 
  7. A Different Way of Thinking    
  8. Alfa Romeo’s “Dear Predictable”   
  9. Rising Sun Pictures X-Men: Apocalypse VFX Breakdowns Quicksilver Extraction  
  10.  Snuggle Serenades   
  11. Bebe Rexha - I Got You ft. Aqualillies | Dance Video   
  12. ABC’s “Downward Dog” Official Trailer 
  13. Illinois Office of Tourism’s “Are you up for amazing?” 
  14. “Comic Strip” 010 Season 1 
  15. 2017 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS Awards Show Package 
  16. What’s new in Shōgun 1.1  
  17. “2017 Detroit Lions Uniform Reveal”   
  18. McDonald’s “My Place”    
  19. “Spelling” – The Stanley Cup Final   
  20. “The Myles Yachts Project”   
  21. "Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on  Television: Main Title     
  22. Starkist's 'Action Candace" TV Commercial  
  23. "Zero Weeks” Trailer   
  24. EditShare’s Lightworks v14 - Quick Start Guide   
  25. H&M Conscious Foundation Video   
  26. ESPN’s Pop-Art Style Game Promos Featuring NBA Stars Stephen Curry and Lonzo Ball   
  27. Visit Seattle | Sundance Project Five by Five | Jimi Could Have Fallen from the Sky (Terence Nance)   
  28. HISTORY Image Spot out of 2C Creative   
  29. Motion Graphics Packages: NHL Awards Show and NHL Expansion Draft Presented by T-Mobile  
  30. HEWLOGRAM - sci-fi comedy short starring David Hewlett author: Zazil Media Group
  31. Down the Rabbit Hole   
  32. WWE 2K18 “Be Like No One”   
  33.  Motion Poems   
  34. Amway Atmosphere Sky   
  35. Dairy Farmers of Canada “Mia and Morton”   


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