SHOOT Publicity Wire's Most Viewed Videos In 2019 Include A Healthy Dose of Comedy
Director Kiran Koshy's "Euphejisms" PSA used comedy to motivate men to get a prostate exam. The pro bono spot was SPW's most viewed video in 2019.
A rundown of SPW’s top 30 videos of the year
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The most viewed videos of 2019 posted to the SHOOT Publicity Wire (SPW) span an offbeat galaxy of synonyms to motivate men to get prostate exams for their health, a playful promo for Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl XV,” a pair of humorous Crunch Fitness spots, and Crest toothpaste’s latest integration with Discovery’s Shark Week--many featuring a comedic bent, even to address a serious issue or two along the way.

The most viewed SPW video of 2019 was a spot from director Kiran Koshy designed through humor to get men to undergo a prostate exam. The subversive pro bono PSA deploys an endless list of creative nicknames for semen, which also resulted in a book idea to raise awareness of prostate health titled “Euphejisms, A Glossary of Sperminology.” Koshy is represented in the U.S. by production house Slash Dynamic.

Taking second place in the SPW rundown was Charles Schwab’s “The Prize: Watch a Challenger Become a Champion,” bringing the brand’s challenger spirit to its sponsorship of the PGA Tour. Since opening its doors, Schwab has been obsessed with reinventing the investing landscape by challenging the status quo, by questioning everything and by engaging deeply. This Schwab campaign celebrated unique individuals challenging the status quo in the game of golf. 

Finishing third was 2C Creative’s playful trailer to promote Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl XV” as counter programming to the Super Bowl.

Fourth place in the SPW most viewed video rundown went to S&P Global’s “#ChangePays” which illustrates that gender equality in the workforce not only makes the world a better place but also makes financial sense.

Settling into the fifth slot was Crunch Fitness’ “5 More Minutes,” part of a Strawberry Frog-conceived campaign that takes a stand for fun in fitness and against the overly serious and boring workouts and gyms that dominate the landscape.

Landing in the number six position was another video in the Crunch Fitness campaign, “I Get” in which a hard body fitness fanatic is outdone by an unassuming guy who does pull-ups with his handlebar mustache.

Nestled in seventh place is Crest toothpaste’s brand integration with Discovery’s Shark Week, executed by 2C Creative leaving us to wonder whose pearly whites are worth paying attention to--a shark tank tour guide’s or that of a bull shark with killer teeth.

Ending up eighth was AEP’s “The Future of Energy” in which The Shipyard taps into true stories, events and people from AEP’s base of more than 17,000 employees and 5 million-plus customers.

Garnering ninth place was Cut Golf’s “The Mix Up” in which a golfer returns an egg to a penguin who was trying to hatch one of Cut Golf’s “best damn golf balls under 20 bucks.”

And rounding out our SPW Top Ten most viewed videos was GE’s “Shelfie,” a spot directed by STORY’s Ron Lazzeretti for FCB Chicago in which a woman takes “a shelfie” of herself in front of her open, extra large GE refrigerator.

Here’s a rundown of the 30 most watched videos on the SHOOT Publicity Wire for 2019 (click title to view video):

1. Director Kiran Koshy Wants Men to Get a Prostate Exam with This Hilarious and Subversive Campaign of ‘Euphejisms’ | Nigel & Co.

2. Charles Schwab’s “The Prize: Watch a Challenger Become a Champion”  | R3 Worldwide

3. 2C’s Epic Trailer for Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl” | Brada PR

4. S&P Global’s #ChangePays | Raz Public Relations

5. Crunch Fitness “5 More Minutes” | StrawberryFrog

6. Crunch Fitness “I Bet” |  | StrawberryFrog

7. Newest Shark Week-Crest Brand Integration Features Fully CGI Shark & Aquarium | Brada PR

8. AEP’s “The Future of Energy” | R3 Worldwide

9. Cut Golf’s “The Mix Up” | Nigel & Co.

10. GE’s “Shelfie” | Artisans PR

11. Crave’s “Vegan” | Young Company

12. GE’s “Sippy Cup” | Artisans PR

13. What’s New in Universe 3.0 | Zazil Media Group

14. Love Is Everything | Artisans PR

15. Lexus’ “Why Bother” | RPG Los Angeles

16. ORDINARY GODS - Trailer | HYPE

17. Sharon Van Etten “Seventeen” | The Darnell Works Agency

18. The Jack Daniel’s Fire Department | Picture North

19. Bonton Farms - Redefining Community | HYPE

20. YETI Presents “Navajo Son” | HYPE

21. 2C Serves Up Parenting ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Style in New Promo | Brada PR

22. “Pie” (short film) | Raging Artists

23. What’s New in Trapcode Particular 4.1 | Zazil Media Group

24. Tomorrow Is Here | Artisans PR

25. A Whole New World (End Title) (From “Aladdin”/Official Video) | Raging Artists

26. Pa’lante | Artisans PR

27. Cafe Rio’s “What is sizzling hot, and rhymes with Schmaheetas?” | Lore PR

28. “I Found Something Here” | Mode Project

29. The People of Rex3: A Behind the Scenes Tour | PRA

30. What’s Your Twenty | AK Hottman


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