Skunk Signs Director Keenan Wetzel For Spots, Branded Content In US & UK
Keenan Wetzel
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Director Keenan Wetzel has joined Skunk for spot and branded content representation in the U.S. and U.K. Wetzel was previously handled by The Work in the U.S. Skunk marks his first ad roost in the U.K.

Wetzel grew up in the Detroit area and it’s in that market where he started his directorial career, turning out work for Toyota, Ford and Firestone. On his most recent shoot for Cadillac, Wetzel impressed a still shooter who introduced him to the Skunk family.

Wetzel has two long-time passions--filmmaking and basketball. From a young age, he would accompany his mother to the public access television station where she volunteered. There he got an early education about the TV industry from station vets. As Wetzel grew older, he continued his love for filmmaking by creating music videos starring his somewhat willing younger brother. A unique combination of art kid and athlete growing up, his two passions met at Michigan State University where
Keenan studied film and played varsity basketball for four years, including a Final Four trip his senior year.

Skunk president Matt Factor said, “We are moved by Keenan’s body of work for such a young filmmaker. His experience as a division one athlete reverberates through his films which explore the human experience; overcoming hardship, joy, collaboration, motivation, pride and self-exploration.”

Wetzel is currently in postproduction on his first feature-length documentary.


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