Station Film Signs Director Sarah Chatfield For Spots in U.S.
Sarah Chatfield
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Bicoastal Station Film has added director Sarah Chatfield to its roster for commercial representation in the U.S. A dynamic visual storyteller inspired by both classic and modern fashion photography and film, Chatfield has to her credit spots for adidas, Credit Suisse, Nike and Huawei, and fashion films for YSL and Eudon Choi which have screened in museums and galleries worldwide and been featured in publications such as Vogue, iD and Dazed & Confused. 

“We were drawn immediately to the visual style and production value of Sarah’s work,” said Stephen Orent, Station’s managing director. “She has really mastered the art of creating short-form cinematic stories and her unique voice is a perfect complement to our roster.”

Caroline Gibney, Station Film partner/executive producer, added, “We love what Sarah does.  She has the ability to create worlds that are immense and full of excitement, while capturing a singular humanistic point of view. She’s talented, and she’s passionate, and will fit right in here at Station.”

Chatfield travels frequently between London and Los Angeles, but calls L.A. home. She is represented by Friend in the UK. Station is her first official production company home in the U.S. She said of her new roost, “Station has a really strong reputation in the industry and a great track record creating compelling and exciting work. I felt an instant connection with Steve, Caroline and the team. They have a family vibe I’m really drawn to in a company, with directors who have been with them for years.”

Chatfield’s films are atmospheric and energetic, and no matter the medium, no detail is overlooked. “I love the craft of filmmaking,” she said. “Every single aspect: Framing, lenses, production design, wardrobe, sound, editing, light and color. Everything that appears within that frame to tell the story is important to me. I enjoy experimenting with unusual combinations, like an unexpected sound heightening a particular moment of a light coming through frame that you wouldn’t expect. Sometimes it’s the subconscious things that create the real magic.”

Chatfield grew up in a tiny village in the south of England. She studied art, film and television in college, then rose up the production ranks working in the camera and lighting departments, eventually lensing a number of short films before directing music videos.  She first had audiences taking notice with her Tom and Jerry-like music video for Lily Allen’s “Alfie,” a 2007 UK MVA winner for Best New Director and Best Pop Video.

She explained, “For me it’s all about taking a story or an experience that we recognize in our everyday lives, and showing it to the audience in a new way—a heightened visual, emotional and/or sensory experience. I try to create a new world or parallel universe for the story that makes it unique and makes it resonate with us.”


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