Stink Extends Its Representation of Directing Duo WATTS To U.S.
Jenna (l) and Tripp Watt, aka WATTS
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Stink Films has extended its representation of multidisciplinary directing duo WATTS to the U.S. This now makes Stink, which continues to handle the pair internationally, the global home for the husband-and-wife directorial team consisting of Tripp and Jenna Watt who hail from South Africa and Nashville, Tennessee, respectively. Prior to shifting their U.S. representation to Stink, WATTS had been repped in the American ad market by Golden LA.

Combining wild imagination with impeccable craft and technical knowledge, WATTS has built a body of work which includes: “Dream Home,” a fun, fast and fantastical spot for Barclays; a multimedia 2D live action love letter to McDonald’s Big Mac; and most recently “Pass the Spark” for The Sims, a wildly imaginative short-film stacked with complex camera work and bursting with infectious flare.

While they are most known for their color-packed, high energy work, WATTS has a background in miniatures, animation, and technical knowledge of the craft that’s played a key role in their success. As early adopters of virtual production, WATTS is developing highly sought-after skills in the world of LED volumes. In utilizing this approach, the directorial duo is able to maximize the creative capabilities of filmmaking without added costs or time while providing clients with 3D rendered pre-visualizations of the entire ad before it’s even shot. 

WATTS first met in high school where the two began making stop-motion videos together. Their love for the craft eventually led them to Los Angeles where they landed jobs at global creative house Buck, before setting out on their own. Their curated style and aesthetic is propelled by their drive to tell stories in a way that stands out. To keep their work fresh and unique, the two have amassed an ever-growing network of trusted animators who they work with based on each project. One example of this is especially apparent in their spot, “Just Dance” for Nintendo Switch, in which they brought on a collective of animators and utilized each artists’ individual style to create multiple worlds which engaged viewers.

In a joint statement, Tripp and Jenna Watt shared,  “We are both excited to join the Stink global team. We’ve always joked that we’ve felt like our backs are together with our knives out, just the two of us fighting to navigate how we fit into the industry. Once we started working with Stink, it felt like we had a home that cared about the craft and the art of the job as much as we do.....and we care too much.” 

Daniel Bergmann, Stink founder and president, said, “WATTS continuously create fresh and imaginative pieces unlike anything I’ve seen before. They understand advertising well and know how to work with creatives to elevate an idea and make a brand stand out. These things together will lead to a long successful career.”

Blake Powell, Stink global head of film, added, “Jenna and Tripp are a joy to work with and their work brings joy. I can’t wait to see what inventive and fantastical world they create next.”


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