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  • Friday, Aug. 11, 2017
Street Talk for August 11, 2017
Jordan Brady

Comedy director Jordan Brady has joined Toronto-based production company Someplace Nice for Canadian representation. He continues to be handled by his shop, Superlounge, in the U.S. Brady has directed over 1,000 national TV spots in his career. A long-time stand-up comedian, having toured nightclubs and colleges in 49 states across America, Brady brings a wry humor to his commercials and has worked with comedy legends such as Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Keegan-Michael Key and Jim Gaffigan. Brady’s work spans clients such as Toyota, National Geographic, GMC, Ford, Jeep, and FIAT. In addition to commercials, Brady has directed five feature films, including the 2010 cult feature hit documentary I Am Comic (Netflix, Showtime). The film is a candid exploration of the world of stand-up comedians featuring top comics such as Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, Chris Hardwick, Lewis Black, Margaret Cho and more. The film evolved into a trilogy with a 2014 follow up I Am Road Comic (Netflix, Hulu), and I Am Battle Comic, which explores the comedian’s experience of performing comedy for troops on bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. Brady also hosts the popular podcast Respect The Process, described as “The Rosetta Stone of filmmaking.” In the series, Brady hosts one-on-one candid chats with working directors, ad agency creatives and crew members who discuss filmmaking for advertising. Not content to keep his directing knowledge to himself, Brady has conducted a quarterly Commercial Directing Bootcamp since 2015, in which he gives away the keys to the spotmaking kingdom....