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  • Friday, Dec. 2, 2016
Street Talk for December 2, 2016
Director Gal Muggia

McCann London has launched an initiative which aims to diversify its next generation of employees by encouraging a broader spectrum of prospective candidates to consider a career in advertising. “Open Hour” is a weekly hour-long session of 15-minute one-on-one Skype calls, initially with CCOs and co-presidents of McCann London, Rob Doubal and Laurence (Lol) Thomson and will later be extended through senior management in disciplines including strategy, planning and new business. The sessions are targeted at anyone who is considering a career in advertising--and particularly those who hadn’t previously considered this career path but would like to find out more. “Open Hour” will be advertised in schools and job centers across the country, aiming to spark interest in both schoolchildren who may not have decided on their career path and those changing careers at a later stage in life. It offers participants the opportunity to ask questions to advertising industry experts and can be used to show work or ask advice about working in the industry. McCann London’s current internship program recruits from Miami Ad School, IPA’s STEM program and charity Art Against Knives. McCann London will partner with Creative Equals on its new initiative....

Filmmaster Productions has added directors Gal Muggia and Stef Viaene to its roster in the Italian market. Viaene is a noted tabletop director in Europe. Israeli-born director Muggia marked his international breakthrough this year when he co-directed the visually striking music video for the song “Up&Up” by the British band Coldplay. The video received accolades from critics and audiences alike, winning several international awards, including the prestigious “Visual Effects Award” at 2016 MTV Video Music Awards....