Street Talk for July 10, 2020
Olivier Staub

Toronto and Montreal-based production company Someplace Nice has brought director Olivier Staub aboard its roster for representation in Toronto. One of Canada’s most awarded and active directors, Staub had previously been handled by Morrison in Toronto, and is currently repped by Great Guns in the U.S., U.K. and Asia, Les Enfants in Montreal, and The Producers in Australia. “37 Days” for heating company Atlantic is among Staub’s most notable achievements. To demonstrate the life-giving power of heat, he brought a 4,000kg glass cube 2,800m above sea level to the top of a glacier. For 37 days the greenhouse cube defied the harshness of the Canadian arctic as brought out of hibernation were plants and butterflies, literally pulling life out of dormancy but also giving birth to a beautiful piece of cinematography. The work one of the top 10 most awarded films worldwide in 2015-2016, receiving honors from Cannes Lions, One Show, Eurobest, LIA, Kinsale Sharks, New York Festival, Clio, D&AD and more. Staub also brings an exceptional level of detail to his craft. This can be seen in his recent spot, “Loop,” for Quebec insurance provider SAAQ, an impactful campaign to raise awareness about the danger of cell phone usage while driving. The cinematic piece uses stunt performers to recreate brutal collisions that can result from distracted driving, rendered in terrifying screen-within-a-screen loop. Among Staub’s other notable credits are “Scalpel” for Médecins Sans Frontières demonstrating the impact of donor support by showing the reality of medical care in war-torn countries, and “Trimming” for Home Depot which makes garden work seem epic.....



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