Street Talk for October 1, 2021
Encyclopedia Pictura

Film and animation collective Encyclopedia Pictura--consisting of directors Isaiah Saxon, Daren Rabinovitch and Sean Hellfritsch--has joined the roster of Nexus Studios, which maintains bases of operation in London, Los Angeles and Sydney. The collective’s body of work spans surreal mixed media music promos, the creation of 3D universes for short films and commercials, and a wide range and blend of techniques. Among Encyclopedia Pictura’s many notable credits are the emotive short Earth Crisis, IKEA’s “Fly Robot Fly” and Bjork’s "Wanderlust." The directing collective is also behind the artful and surreal promo exploring the rise and fall of relationships for Dirty Projectors, “Up in Hudson,” and the captivating “Panda Bear” for Boys Latin which takes viewers on an epic journey of discovery in celebration of the wonders of nature....


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