Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Luca Guadagnino

Thursday, Mar. 22, 2018

SHOOT will publish a Special Directors>e.dition on Monday, March 26, that will contain the entire Directors Series section from SHOOT’s March/April print issue (including extended versions of some stories).

The mix of profiles includes two directors who were squarely...

Monday, Mar. 26, 2018

On one hand, Call Me by Your Name had myriad challenges to overcome—budget constraints, numerous stops and starts, and varied unfulfilled project iterations over nearly 10 years since actor Peter Spears first read the novel of the same title by Andre Aciman and set out to produce a film...

Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017

The hours move slowly in "Call Me by Your Name ."

It's summertime in Northern Italy in 1983 on a secluded 17th century villa, where life among the antiquities is beautifully tranquil and nothing is ever pressing. There is time to read the paper in the morning, while delicately picking at...

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017

In the longest and most emotional close-up in "Call Me by Your Name," director Luca Guadagnino asked for three variations, one per take, from his young actor, Timothee Chalamet: dry, humid and wet.

The Italian summer of "Call Me by Your Name," set in 1983, is unchanging: day-after-day of...

Thursday, May. 5, 2016

A craggy, stormy volcanic island off Sicily. Some fabulous real estate. A little food porn. Tilda Swinton's face, and Ralph Fiennes' - well, a lot more than his face.

What more could a film buff want?

To be fair, "A Bigger Splash," by director Luca Guadagnino, has an uneven feel....

Wednesday, May. 4, 2016

In a sleek, luxurious Manhattan hotel room, Tilda Swinton stands and announces that she's bound to break something. "If not you then me," she says cheerfully.

That the stark interior would, in even a brief stay, be in jeopardy from Swinton shouldn't be surprising. Few confines have ever...

Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014

Little Minx has added director Luca Guadagnino to its roster for commercial representation. Guadagnino has created a name for himself working with high end fashion brands including Giorgio Armani, Cartier, Sergio Rossi and Salvatore Ferragamo. For the latter,...

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