Saturday, Apr. 11, 2020

Julian Fellowes' latest addictive series about English social classes kicks off with a party. Mind you, not just any run-of-the mill, high society bash. "Belgravia" on Epix starts with one of the most famous parties in history.

On June 15, 1815, the Duchess of Richmond threw a magnificent...

Thursday, Mar. 19, 2020

With global soccer shut down these days, fans desperate for a fix of the beautiful game may find it from a rather unlikely source — the creator of the stately "Downton Abbey." 

Julian Fellowes has created and co-written the new Netflix series "The English Game," a six-part look at the...

Tuesday, Sep. 17, 2019

The "Downton Abbey " movie isn't exactly a movie. It's more like another season of the popular "Masterpiece Classic" show that's been condensed to 90 minutes instead of 8 hours.

Written by series creator Julian Fellowes, almost every character who made it out of the six season run alive...

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