Tuesday, Jun. 9, 2020

After three months of near total blackout of cinemas nationwide, movie theaters are preparing to reopen — even if it means only a few titles on the marquee and showings limited to as little as 25% capacity. 

AMC Theaters, the world's largest theater operator, said Tuesday that it expects...

Tuesday, Apr. 14, 2020

Jennifer Page jokes that four months in, this decade is already the worst of her life. 

A server at a nearby resort, she's out of work due to the pandemic. After someone tested positive at her mother's nursing home, Page moved her into a room off the dining room. Two weeks ago, her father...

Thursday, Nov. 28, 2019

The Callicoon Theater is a single-screen cinema along the banks of the Delaware River in the Catskills, in rural upstate New York. It has an art-deco facade and 380 seats. "We never sell out," its box-office phone line promises. There's not another theater for 30 miles.

Kristina Smith...

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