Monday, Aug. 9, 2021

Two Indigenous filmmakers are smashing the caricatures and stereotypes of Native Americans, who since the earliest days of film and TV have often played supporting roles or been portrayed as bloodthirsty killers standing in the way of white, westward expansion.

Sterlin Harjo, a Seminole...

Tuesday, Apr. 14, 2020

"Mrs. America," which dramatizes the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) fight that pitted a surprising and determined opponent against a deep bench of supporters, is a marvel in many ways. 

The impressive cast includes Cate Blanchett and Margo Martindale. The miniseries was created by a woman,...

Thursday, Mar. 5, 2020

The new FX series "Devs" may be set in the world of high tech, but its creator is politely asking you to put yours down while checking it out.

Alex Garland wants you to choose to watch his show — really be present — not half-watch while fiddling with your phone. It's not that kind of show...

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