Tool Expands AI Roster With Nem Perez and KingWillonius
Nem Perez
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Creative production partner Tool has brought the multi-talented creative technologists Nem Perez and KingWillonius aboard its growing roster of experience/AI directors. These additions come on the heels of Tool’s recently announced AI consultancy, Toolkit, the company’s much-discussed AI-powered commercial, “Forever is Made Now” for Under Armour, its AI-support of director Quinn Halleck’s recent experimental film, Cultural Connections, and the recent launched commercial project for Starburst, using an AI pipeline to create modular content that is “Different Every Time.”

All these developments underscore Tool’s prominent role in the advertising industry’s exploration of how AI and traditional production can be combined to form a new type of storytelling. 

“Both of these directors are at the forefront of AI, exploring the intersection of storytelling and technology and being prominent members of the AI creative community,” said Dustin Callif, president of Tool. “We’ve passionate about the space, and adding talented creatives like Nem and KingWillonius is another way Tool is cementing its place as the go-to for brands that want to explore how AI can help them tell stories in new and different ways.”

Perez and KingWillonius have built reputations for developing groundbreaking, AI-powered creative. Perez’s work is characterized by a deep understanding of the intersection between technology and storytelling. He was an executive producer and creator on Our T2 Remake, one of the world’s first feature-length crowd-sourced films entirely created using AI technology, showcasing a global community of 50 AI creators. Perez was one of the creators featured, and he animated two of the AI generated scenes used in the film. He also founded Storyblocker, a mobile storyboarding tool, and is a frequent speaker and active member of the AI creative community. Most recently, he was part of a three person team that won the first “Cinema Synthetica” film challenge at the AI On the Lot conference for the AI short film and “zom com,” Love at First Bite.   

“I believe that AI is not merely a tool but a collaborator, capable of enhancing and transforming the creative process at every stage, from ideation to distribution,” said Perez. “I’m excited for how this new technology is changing the game for independent creators, democratizing access to the tools and techniques once reserved for major studios.”

Blending his storytelling and comedic background, KingWillonius is leading the charge in creating social-led content that uses AI to respond to cultural moments in real-time. For example, he recently created viral song "BBL Drizzy" on AI music generator Udio in response to the Kendrick Lamar x Drake rap beef. The widely acclaimed parody song has already amassed 100M impressions and was even sampled by Metro Boomin. KingWillonius is versatile in his creation of short-form visual content using GenAI such as Lickback Renaissance, Yasuke, Kalel, Comedians Civil War, Hoops of Honor, and 16 Carriages

“I love the idea of pushing storytelling and comedic boundaries while using new technologies to create things that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago,” said KingWillonious. “Tool has built a rep for knowing how to work with brands ready to experiment and try new things, so I’m really excited to work with them moving forward.”


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