True Gentleman Industries Signs Directing Duo Morgan & Nick For Spots, Branded Content
Morgan Bond (l) and Nick Grisham
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Directing duo Morgan & Nick has signed with L.A.-based commercial production company True Gentleman Industries for exclusive U.S. spot and branded content representation. The team--which has helmed work for clients such as Grubhub, Popeye’s, Dodge, Travelocity, Hilton Garden Inn, Dunkin Donuts, Loctite, and the U.S. Air Force--comprises directors Morgan Bond and Nick Grisham, who are married. This is their first national roost. 

In aligning with True Gent, Morgan & Nick become part of a “family affair” in the literal sense: the roster includes founder/filmmaker Jordan Brady, director Jeannette Godoy (to whom Brady is married), and son, director/cinematographer Ben Brady. 

Morgan said, “We are super-honored to be included in this very intimate group.” Nick added, “I think that being a married couple, this fits in with the idea of working with your family and spending time with people you really like.”

Bond and Grisham first encountered Brady via Commercial Directing Film School. “Jordan is a huge presence online, and he was someone we wanted to meet,” Morgan recalled. The Austin-based directors have their own production company, CamLock, and share a rep with Brady in the Texas market, Julie Koellner, who made the introduction. “We hit it off and attended his Filmmaker Retreat at Joshua Tree,” Morgan continued. “Jordan had such great insight into the art and business of directing commercials. We wanted to join his company before he even asked us.”

“Morgan & Nick have such a clear point of view as storytellers; it shines through their diverse body of work, from their energetic social content and spots to their heartfelt short films,” said Brady. “When I first saw their faux shampoo spot for Hampton Inn, I was jealous I didn’t do that. Upon learning how smart and efficient they are in prep & on set--follow them on Insta for great BTS--I realized they’re a super duo. So proud they’re joining the family.”

Bond and Grisham met at UT Austin, where both were attending film school. They found themselves the only two students who arrived a half hour early for a class; Nick had misread the syllabus, while Morgan was exceedingly punctual. These traits foretold a symbiotic relationship on set and in life. The pair ditched the class “and have been skipping class ever since,” mused Nick. 

“It took a while to figure out our dynamic,” Morgan explained. “Nick loves VFX and the technical stuff. He started as an editor and DPs much of our work. I’m more of a director-y director.” 

In terms of genre, Morgan & Nick have displayed a great deal of versatility, something Bond attributes to the emergence of social media, where multiple formats are the rule of the day. 

“If the tone is light and bouncy, I’ll communicate with the actors and set the tone with them,” she said. “If the subject matter is more serious, Nick is probably the better director.” “Food, family, and VFX work for us as a rule,” is how Nick described the duo’s overall sensibility. “I like working with kids and Nick likes the puzzles of production,” Morgan added. She cited “Streamdeck OLD,” a CG-driven spot they directed for AMD Games on the VFX end of the spectrum, complemented by “Great Hair Day,” their satirical comedy spot for Hampton by Hilton via GSD&M, and Travelocity “Laundry,” which demonstrates their “dexterity with gnomes on soundstages,” Nick noted. 

On the narrative front, the duo’s short film, Malignant, an exploration of faith and helplessness, premiered at SXSW in 2021, earning Special Jury recognition. 


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