Voyager Signs Brent Foster For His 1st Exclusive U.S. Spot Representation
Brent Foster
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Commercial production company Voyager has signed Canadian director Brent Foster for his first exclusive U.S. commercial representation. The Brooklyn-based shop has also hired Meliz Yilmaz as production manager.

Foster’s clients include Canada Life, Chevy, Huawei, McDonald’s, Prince Edward Island, and Nature Valley. He’s been shortlisted numerous times for the Young Directors Award at Cannes. Foster is also represented in Canada by visual storytelling director Mark Zibert’s Scouts Honour, and Spindle in the U.K.

Currently living in Toronto, Foster cut his teeth as a photojournalist, where he first developed a love for the moving image while at the Los Angeles Times before freelancing across India for the New York Times and others. It’s this wide breadth of experience in photojournalism and documentary filmmaking that informs his deeply human approach to directing. His work is grounded in authentic performances, defined by carefully considered cinematography and often enriched by the finely crafted use of visual effects to create work that is polished and genuine.

Charles Frank, director and Voyager co-founder, said, “Brent has an undeniable gift for finding the cinematic humanity in everything he directs, whether it be meticulously detailed VFX-driven productions or intimate real people shoots. As a fellow director, I am in awe of Brent’s vision and look forward to working alongside such a kind soul.”

“The thing I love most about Voyager, and this is true of the other rosters I’m on around the world too, is that it is a tight-knit community of collaborators,” said Foster. “It’s one in which we all check our egos at the door, bounce ideas off each other, nurture and help each other grow. It’s the perfect fit for me in the U.S. market, and I can’t wait to see what we can do together.”

Regarding the hiring of Yilmaz, Voyager EP Andrew Hutcheson said, “It’s with great pride and excitement that we welcome Meliz, our favorite production manager from Atlanta, to our production team here in New York. Endlessly curious and masterfully organized, she’s someone who enriches every project she touches, making sure the experience is as good for the PAs as it is for the clients.”


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