• Friday, Jan. 5, 2018
Attorneys Greenbaum, Murphy to lead advertising law discussion in Santa Monica
Jeffrey A. Greenbaum, managing partner of Frankfurt Kurnit
  • SANTA MONICA, Calif.
  • --

Attorneys Jeffrey A. Greenbaum and Brian G. Murphy of Frankfurt Kurnit will lead an informative discussion about recent advertising law developments that every advertising lawyer and business affairs team should know about for 2018. The session, titled “A Dozen Advertising Law Tips for 2018,” is slated for Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica on Wednesday, January 31.

2018 promises to be yet another year filled with rapid changes in advertising law and enforcement that will have a great impact on the way advertising lawyers and business affairs teams do their jobs. With new commissioners on the horizon at the Federal Trade Commission, a new low budget digital waiver under the SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract, new challenges involving transparency in contracting, and new cases involving infringement claims, there’s much to talk about.

Among the topics, questions to be addressed, are:

  • What are the big issues that the FTC will be looking at in 2018?
  • What’s new with influencers?
  • What are best practices for disclosures in social media?
  • What impact do recent music infringement cases (including the infamous “Blurred Lines” case) have on the way we produce original music for commercials?
  • How do I reference pop culture in social media without getting sued?
  • What are the key things to watch out for when doing a media buy that includes custom content production?
  • When does comparative advertising cross the line?
  • How do I effectively use the low budget and other SAG-AFTRA waivers?
  • What do I need to know about allocations and SAG-AFTRA audits?
  • How do I effectively run a social media contest?

For more info on the event, click here.


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