• Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019
Behind the Scenes' industry mental health survey draws strong response
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Behind the Scenes--a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to entertainment technology professionals during times of need due to serious illness or injury--has reported that more than 3,300 people completed its recent “Survey to Assist in the Development of a Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative in the Entertainment Industry.” Respondents shared their stories about personal challenges and struggles or those of friends and family, feedback that is invaluable as Behind the Scenes begins development of this initiative.

Behind the Scenes is analyzing survey responses to gain a deeper understanding of the issues industry members face and the obstacles that might prevent them or those they care about from seeking and utilizing mental health resources. Members of the BTS Mental Health Initiative Steering Committee expressed their appreciation for everyone who participated in the survey--reaching out directly to thank to those for whom the organization had corresponding contact info.

An initial look at the survey results confirmed what many already knew--that the long hours, pressures of deadlines, lack of resources, and uncertainty of employment have taken a very hard toll on the industry. These affect both mental and physical health while impacting relationships with family and friends. Unsurprisingly, over 90% of respondents have experienced anxiety while over 80% have suffered from depression.

What is also apparent from the responses, and very encouraging, is that many individuals want to step up and help colleagues they feel are struggling. However many who want to help simply don’t know how and are very concerned that they might make things worse by getting involved in the wrong way. Behind the Scenes’ goal is to provide information and resources that will give industry members the confidence to act. 


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