charlieuniformtango hosted an opening reception on Thursday, March 6, 2014 announcing photographer Tadd Myers’ new book “Portraits of the American Craftsman”. Prints from the book are on display at charlieuniformtango through June 30, 2014.

Friends and clients of both charlieuniformtango and Tadd Myers came to the reception.

“We consider ourselves craftsmen at charlieuniformtango,” said Lola Lott. “We love what we do, carefully craft each job, and we believe it shows in our work. The spirit of Tadd’s work seemed a perfect fit with our company culture.” charlieuniformtango has a history of showcasing artist’s work at their studio. “We’re located in the arts district of downtown Dallas and we strongly support the arts.”

Award-winning photographer Tadd Myers spent five years on a cross-country journey to capture images of American craftsmen at work. At a time when the public is growing disenchanted by the disposable items that litter the American landscape, the workers in Tadd’s portraits are still making things by hand.

The book is dedicated to Tadd’s father, Landis Wilson Myers, a true craftsman himself. “My father loved working with his hands and would have felt a very deep connection to this book. I’m grateful to charlieuniformtango for the opportunity to showcase my work in their creative environment.”

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