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RadicalMedia, Uncorporeal Systems connect for AR, mixed reality
Kul Wadhwa, COO/co-founder of Uncorporeal Systems
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Content creator/producer RadicalMedia is working with Uncorporeal Systems volumetric capture technology to bring photo-realistic humans into augmented and mixed reality experiences. Uncorporeal and RadicalMedia recently completed a successful test capture of their first production, details of which were not disclosed.

Evan Schechtman, chief technology officer and EP of RadicalMedia, said, “We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of available technology and concluded that Uncorporeal’s solution is the best suited to be able to deliver true cinematic-quality experiences with real humans that met our expectations.” Schechtman added, “Uncorporeal speaks our technical and creative language, and they have created a system and workflow that integrates into our, and many other’s cutting edge content and interactive workflows. Their collective background and extensive experience in adjacent industries gives us comfort when exploring bleeding edge areas of interactive, immersive experiences for a new generation.”

Sebastian Marino, CEO and co-founder of Uncorporeal Systems, noted that “after working with RadicalMedia it became evident that their team is highly qualified and able to understand and integrate advanced technologies into the traditional content pipeline to deliver the next-generation of entertainment.”

Kul Wadhwa, Uncorporeal COO and co-founder, related, “RadicalMedia has been the recipient of almost every award offered by the industry and we are excited to join forces with our award-winning team of visual effects, camera, software and hardware experts to create and deliver the most true-to-life and engaging virtual reality experiences possible.”  

RadicalMedia is a global studio founded in 1993 by Jon Kamen and Frank Scherma with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Sydney, and Shanghai. The company has produced award-winning and critically acclaimed projects in a variety of media, including feature films, television, branded content, commercials, live events, music videos and interactive media.

Based in San Francisco and New York, Uncorporeal Systems is known for its light-field capture technology.  This unique technology is billed as representing the first opportunity for VR filmmakers to tell room-scale character driven stories featuring real actors.

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