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People on the Move
Rory Gordon, Greg Werner promoted to sr. colorists at ArsenalFX Color
Greg Werner (l) and Rory Gordon
  • SANTA MONICA, Calif.
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ArsenalFX Color has promoted Rory Gordon and Greg Werner from colorists to sr. colorists. The company provides comprehensive post services to such hit TV shows as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Ballers,” “Designated Survivor,” “Shades of Blue,” “Silicon Valley” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
Colorist Larry Field, ArsenalFX Color’s managing partner, said, “We have made a concerted effort during the past few years to help bring new people up within the field of color. We foresee a real void of new blood within our craft--today’s television industry is in need of young, exciting people who show real talent and have an affinity for color. Rory Gordon and Greg Werner are two such individuals--they have been working with us for some time now, and have evolved into the top tier of working colorists.”
Gordon is a colorist with a life-long passion for both the science and art of image capture. That passion has taken her from makeshift basement darkrooms in her home state of Oklahoma, to the Munsell color laboratory at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, where she earned a BFA in Film Production, to Hollywood, where she has worked steadily for the last seven years.
Gordon has worked on over a dozen television shows as a colorist, executing many different styles, and always working in support of the creative choices made by cinematographers, directors, and producers.

Gordon’s work has involved her with many TV shows that have implemented cutting edge technology, including pushing the limits of dynamic range with HDR, 4K workflow, and a never-ending drive to make all cameras match, flow, and work in service to storytelling. She never shies away from a challenge and enjoys being a part of an ongoing quest for technical and artistic improvement with both colorists and color scientists alike.

Werner is a final colorist who has worked in the television postproduction industry since 1995.  He attended the University of California at San Diego, taking an interest in communication and visual media practices, which led to his earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. 
With an affinity for the film and video mediums, he began his career in Los Angeles as a tape operator/telecine assistant, working on a plethora of film and television projects.  Gaining knowledge and hands on experience, Werner naturally progressed to the role of dailies colorist.
He has garnered a wealth of experience in his chosen field, working primarily on such high profile episodic television series as “Freaks and Geeks,” “The West Wing,” “24,” HBO’s “Creature Features,” and various MOWs.
Werner has worked on a wide array of material over the years and as a result of his strong work ethic and total dedication to his craft, progressed to final colorist. In that role, he has worked on such top TV shows as “Bones,” “Prison Break,” “Outsiders,” and “TURN:  Washington’s Spies.”

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