Friday, February 22, 2019
  • Monday, May. 7, 2018
Mistika VR introduces keyframe animation feature
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SGO has announced another new version of the industry adopted stitching software Mistika VR, introducing keyframe animation together with many other new features and improvements. This upgrade is available to all existing
Mistika VR customers at no additional cost.

The latest release of Mistika VR brings the much requested keyframing feature, providing enhanced stitching flexibility and greater control of the VR 360 postproduction process. This results in a significantly higher final quality of the project.

Mistika VR is also now able to stitch Insta360 Pro footage at the highest level of precision due to the newly incorporated Insta360 Pro calibration libraries. This new tool facilitates the selection of a perfect calibration frame with the results being immediately applied in Mistika VR. 

And a new Vertical Alignment tool allows precise user-assisted alignment, essential for VR180 shots, as automated tools in this field are not readily available.

Furthermore, storyboard icons are now saved with the timeline and restored at the project load preventing time-consuming recalculation of all the shots.

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