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Silver Spoon launches, looks to fill mo-cap void in NY VFX
Mo-cap space at Silver Spoon
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Full-service performance capture studio Silver Spoon has opened its doors in Brooklyn, making it one of the largest commercially available mo-cap studios on the East Coast. Silver Spoon features a highly equipped 12,000 sq. foot facility, a comfortable mo-cap stage, production offices with full amenities, and a comprehensive service offering including body and facial capture, rigging and scanning, and post processing. The expertise of the Silver Spoon team spans motion capture and animation for commercials, award-winning AAA Games, and major motion pictures. 

“This entity fills a void for motion capture in New York,” said Silver Spoon managing director Dan Pack. “Looking at the incredible work being done by local VFX shops in commercials, film and TV on the East Coast, the missing piece was an all-encompassing performance capture and virtual production studio. “In fact, when we embarked on this venture with our Studio A last fall, we thought we might focus only on mo-cap, but we found that there was a need for a much broader offering.”

Silver Spoon features/specs include:

  • 65’x55’ Stage with 16’ to 20’ high ceilings, and a capture volume of approximately 53x50.
  • 48-camera Vicon Vantage system running latest version of Vicon Shogun
  • Four 4k reference cameras from multiple angles
  • BlackMagic Multiview for multiple video monitoring
  • Ambient Lockit Timecode and Sync Generators
  • 32-camera Optitrack system exclusively for VR

“Ultimately, we want people to do more work here in New York.” Pack said, pointing to the value of realtime production capabilities and virtual production in the aid of previsualization, as well as the need for high-end, realtime CG content. “Our job is to provide support to so many already-great East Coast artists. And the New York tax incentives are so lucrative, that most clients are looking to do more work here, given the chance.”

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