He wasn’t in the White House long, but he definitely got a few words in, edgewise and otherwise. Now, Anthony Scaramucci is given a closer look, via the new documentary, “Mooch.” Directed by Andrew J. Muscato, the documentary follows the former White House official’s rise inside the Drumpf administration, using news footage and interviews with both colleagues of Scaramucci and the political personality himself. The first trailer, which dropped last Thursday, was edited by Christopher Huth of Union, and it dives headlong into Scaramucci’s offbeat, fiery persona. 

“Andrew’s Rolodex of Interesting New York Personalities seems bottomless,” said Huth of the filmmaker, with whom he last collaborated on a short doc about Chickie Donohue, a civilian New Yorker who hitchhiked his way through the Vietnam War to buy his servicemen friends a beer. “Andrew had been profiling Scaramucci for years and then had this sort of windfall with this explosively short-lived tenure in Washington. Once he locked picture on the film he reached out for a fresh set of eyes to help condense it into a trailer.”

Scaramucci’s departure from the White House (after only ten days as Communications Director) was precipitated by an interview with the New Yorker, in which he took aim at former White House official Steve Bannon (“I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own c–k.”). Muscato and Huth highlight the controversy within the first few seconds of the trailer.

“Scaramucci's story has been so sensationalized already, his name is synonymous with dropping f-bombs,” Huth observed. “Building the trailer, we wondered how much to lean into this preexisting caricature, which the film really does a lot to unpack. It's an easy touchstone for most people but it's also this cynical package created for quick news-cycle consumption, so, there’s more going on than you’ll see in 2 minutes. That being said, the man does have a mouth.”

On the spot front, Huth recently completed a Nanette Burstein-directed Ad Council campaign via McCann NY, alongside Union colleague Sloane Klevin, encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). He currently is at work on a documentary with the inspiring ladies of StyleLikeU and their mission to promote self-acceptance. “I guess I’m trying to drain the swamp from my hard drive,” Huth mused. 

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