• Wednesday, May. 8, 2019
Cooke Optics to showcase wares at Cine Gear Expo
Cooke 50mm anamorphic full frame lens
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Cooke Optics will demonstrate its strength in the full frame arena at Cine Gear Expo 2019, with lenses from its S7/i and Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus lens sets on Stand 67. The lens manufacturer will also present the latest developments for the /i Technology metadata system that provides detailed lens data to VFX and postproduction teams, and Cooke Optics TV will be live broadcasting interviews from the stand throughout the show. All nine of Cooke’s lens families will be represented on the stand.

The new Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus range has been designed to meet the growing appetite for large format production, while offering the popular anamorphic characteristics including flare and oval bokeh. This range is also available with Cooke’s SF ‘Special Flair’ coating, which enables an exaggerated flare that gives yet more choice to cinematographers.

The 18mm and 180mm lenses from the S7/i full frame spherical range will also be featured on the Cooke stand. These, together with the 27mm, are going into production over the coming months to round out the range.

The Panchro/i Classic lenses that emulate the look of old Cooke Speed Panchros are rapidly growing in popularity, for their painterly vintage look paired with the conveniences of modern housing and the ability to match lenses through the Panchro/i Classic range. Visitors to Stand 67 will see the recently announced 65mm Macro lens--a 2-1 Macro--which also covers the full frame sensor.

Cooke will also present /i3 (/i Cubed), the latest version of its /i Technology metadata system that provides detailed lens data to VFX and post-production teams. /i3 firmware now provides distortion mapping - not just a theoretical measurement of spherical lenses of a particular focal length, but of the specific lens in use.

“We have been pushing /i for a very long time as a standard for the industry, and we believe this latest version represents a sea-change for postproduction and producers to really understand the value of lens metadata to reduce time and costs in post,” said Les Zellan, chairman, Cooke Optics. “When we can literally show how lens data collected on set reduces tasks in post from hours to seconds--why wouldn’t you use it?”

In addition, the team from Cooke Optics TV will be on the stand shooting and broadcasting live to the Cooke Optics Facebook and Cooke Optics TV YouTube channels throughout the show, interviewing cinematographers, camera department and film production professionals. Cooke Optics TV is an educational content channel for the film industry, which is lens agnostic.

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