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Tuesday, May. 21, 2019


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Creative studio Nice Shoes, with headquarters in New York, partnered with a diverse array of top global directors to bring wonder and beauty to commissioned film exhibits as part of the highly-anticipated opening of the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ). The museum, which opened on March 28, 2019, is a sprawling architectural wonder, with its galleries and courtyards spreading across over 52,000 square meters.

The Doha Film Institute (DFI) who produced the project for the NMoQ, through their Technical Director Dean Winkler, tapped Nice Shoes as a partner to help visualize the history of the country across 10 galleries with awe-inspiring, floor-to-ceiling immersive films. The films were meticulously crafted to draw in visitors with state-of-the-art technical specs, resulting in 21.54 billion pixels per second image resolution--over 10 times the quality of IMAX screens. These rich visuals are displayed on 114 4K projectors, with 308 speakers to provide immersive soundscapes throughout the 11 galleries. Nice Shoes CTO Robert Keske worked closely with Winkler and the creative team onsite, fine-tuning the technical setup, custom-tailored to the museum’s curved design, supported by 179 bespoke servers provided by London-based Realtime Experience Systems (RES).

Ten art films produced for NMoQ in association with the Doha Film Institute by noted international filmmakers visually represent Qatar’s history. Nice Shoes collaborated with directors and museum curators to map each film to multi-dimensional museum walls and HD displays, ensuring each project retained the consistency, vibrancy and resolution of the original footage. The studio enabled the filmmakers to review the films through the construction of scale models of each gallery, as well as through the configuration and reconfiguration of projectors within a custom post production suite dedicated to the films. This was done in tandem with designing and implementing custom workflows for each film that would ensure the comprehensive edits were cohesive and transferable to the museum installation.


National Museum of Qatar
Head of Production - Museum Films & Special Projects: Doha Film Institute
Head of Production - Museum Films & Special Projects: Doha Film Institute Ricardo Ceballos
Founder, Winkler Consulting/Technical Director, National Museum of Qatar Art Films: Dean Winkler
Executive Producer, Nice Shoes: Angela Bowen
CTO, Nice Shoes: Robert Keske
VFX Supervisor/Pipeline, Nice Shoes: Adrian Winter

Gallery 1"Beginnings"
Head of Color: Lenny Mastandrea
Online Editor: Talia Mazzarella
Producers: Marie de Leon, Paul O'Beirne

Gallery 2 -"Flora & Fauna"
Directors: Christophe Cheysson, Jacques Perrin
DP Alexandre Léglise
Producer: Marie de Leon
Senior Colorist: Sal Malfitano
Lead Online Editor: Talia Mazzarella
Online Editors: Henry Gretzinger, Dan Scofield, Lauren Ames

Gallery 5 "Life in the Desert"
Director: Abderrahmane Sissako
Producers: Marie Leon, Russ Dube
Colorist: Sal Malfitano
Lead Online Editor: Talia Mazzarella

Gallery 6L "NAFAS"
Director: Mira Nair
Editor/Creative Director: Jon Kane
Colorist: Sal Malfitano
Lead Online Editor: Talia Mazzarella
Producer: Russ Dube, Marie de Leon

Gallery 6Z "Zubarah "
Director: Abderrahmane Sissako
Producer: Marie de Leon
Colorist: Sal Malfitano
Lead Online Editor: Talia Mazzarella
Producer: Marie de Leon
VFX: Company Platige

Gallery 10 "Alchemy"
Director: John Sanborn
Editor: Roger Jones
DP: Alexandre Léglise
Creative Director: Harry Dorrington
Executive Producer: Angela Bowen
Producers: Paul O'Beirne / Sue Yee Hubbard
VFX Supervisor: Adrian Winter
CG Director: Andy Zazerra
CG / Compositing: Alex Kline
CG / Compositing: Elias Saliba
CG / Compositing: Michael Marsek
CG / Compositing: Ohad Bracha
VFX Editor: Greg Bekafigo
Design Director: Dino Qiu
Designer: Theo Daly
Designer: Ann Kruezcamp
CG Animator: Opening Ana Pakljanac
CG Animator: Opening Ivan Pribicevic
CG Producer: Opening Alan Robertson
Lead Online Editor: Dan Scofield
Online Editor: Johnny Vertigliano
Online Editor: David Soto
Online Editor: Talia Mazarella
VR Creative Director: Tom Westerlin

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