• Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019
SHED's Shotgun approach works on commercials
Bud Light Flavors spot
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Production manager and CG supervisor François Hogue joined SHED Montreal in January 2019, where he took the lead on spearheading a new pipeline solution. Hogue selected Shotgun initially for production management, budgeting and review, having previously implemented the solution successfully at his former company Moment Factory. 

Prior to integrating Shotgun, SHED had no central database for storing information on frame count, shots, dailies or review notes, and communication bottlenecks among artists and supervisors often bogged down SHED’s workflows. “Information for a particular project might be in 10 different places, and verbal comments and notes taken during a review session might be lost altogether,” noted SHED pipeline developer Thibault Houdon, “By reengineering our pipeline with Shotgun, we now have a central location to store and share everything, increasing the team’s productivity and eliminating any communication difficulties by streamlining review.”

SHED utilized this for a national Bud Light Flavors ad campaign which entailed creating nearly 40 different deliverables for broadcast, web, social and print.

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