Nobox, a leading-edge independent digital and social content agency based in Miami, declared its independence in a video manifesto released today that celebrates Freedom as a core operating principle at the agency. 

“Our Freedom Manifesto is a proactive response to major disruptions in our industry,” said Jayson Fittipaldi, Nobox Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “The digital revolution, the need for more transparency in agency-client relationships, the fall of ‘agency of record’ retainers and the rise of project assignments have altered the marketing landscape. As a result there are more independent agencies on the scene right now than ever before. That’s a sure sign that there is health and vitality in our business, and opportunity for both entrepreneurs and creatives. Nobox was born free and will remain independent because freedom creates advantages for our clients and our employees.”

According to Nobox’s Manifesto, Freedom allows indie agencies to:

  • Move at the speed of the market
  • Put brands on the right platforms
  • Discover and leverage the latest technologies

  • Test and learn what’s best for brands
  • Refine processes in real time
  • Promote authentic acceptance and diversity
  • Be first out of the gate
  • Reimagine how brands engage people

“It goes without saying that indie agencies are hands-on,” added Fittipaldi, “ With no bureaucratic layers, internal turf wars or hidden agendas, everyone collaborates, working toward one goal.”

“This is about Nobox putting a stake in the ground and making a case for Freedom not just for us, but for the entire advertising industry and our clients,” said Diego Fernandez, Nobox Partner and General Manager. “We’re not pretending to be radical revolutionaries; we’re simply challenging ourselves, our peers and our partner brands to appreciate and seek out independence in everything we do. It makes a big difference in moving the needle forward on innovation and creativity.”

You can watch the Freedom Manifesto below or here on Vimeo:

For over a decade Nobox has emerged as a leading independent digital and social content agency with world headquarters in Miami and roots in Latin America and the Caribbean. Over the last two years the agency has expanded its offering in the U.S. as a Pepsico roster agency and through work on campaigns for such iconic American brands as Netflix and Marriott, among others. 

Nobox’s rapid growth was accomplished following the agency’s recruitment of new partners including Alexande Hohagen, the former CEO of Facebook LATAM, and Pedro Cabel, founder of Brazil’s iconic AgenciaClick, who have brought experience, capital and connections, improving the agency’s profile and offering. This year that expansion accelerated with Fittipaldi being named Chief Innovation Officer, a new title at Nobox, and the hire of Former Group Strategy Director at Energy BBDO Chicago Ludwig Ortiz as the agency’s Head Strategist, signaling a major investment in Nobox’s strategy and planning practice. 

“In an age when agencies are being gobbled up by networks and consultancies, Nobox remains staunchly independent and is one of the only indie agencies that proudly claims ‘freedom’ as a core operating principle,” said Ortiz. “Being independent and maintaining our freedom allows Nobox to be at the forefront of innovation and to discover and leverage the latest technologies.”

About Nobox
A next-generation Indie agency, Nobox combines the talents of a unique group of executives, geeks and digital pioneers who create marketing solutions that blend strategic creative with advanced technologies in order to transform the way consumers and brands interact and engage. With headquarters in Miami and satellite offices in Bogota, São Paulo, Mexico City and Kingston, Nobox focuses on digital, social and beyond for global brands, delivering Ideas that Transform. Clients include Netflix, Marriott, Pepsi, Playstation, Concacaf among others. Visit Nobox @