• Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019
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Signature Post launches in Burbank
A mixing studio at the just launched Signature Post
  • BURBANK, Calif.
  • --

Signature Post, a fully-immersive sound editorial and mixing facility, has launched in Burbank. Built by Kaiser Comm Construction Inc., the all-new facility features three Dolby Atmos-certified mix stages and an ADR production stage and will cater to high-end feature and television projects. The facility is owned by Greg Stone, who is also the principal of SPG Studios, a foreign-language dubbing specialist. Signature Post facility, stages and editorial will be headed by veteran post executive Ricky DeLena.

In preparation for the company’s launch, the 9500-square-foot, former warehouse structure housing Signature Sound had to undergo a complete build-out. That included the installation of new floors and ceilings for the mix stages to provide optimal acoustics for Dolby Atmos. General contractor Kaiser Comm Construction’s Kevin Kaiser served as design director on the project; the company’s Carlos Gomez was the construction supervisor. “In its certification process, Dolby Laboratories is focused on volumetric space: the distance from the mixing console to the screen and ceiling height,” explained Stone. “We were concerned about the height of our stages, but Kevin came up with the clever idea of interweaving the ceiling and roof joints to gain the space we needed.”

“There are many ways to address stage acoustics,” added Kaiser. “We reoriented the rooms and pushed the ceilings up to achieve the required distances and create the sonic environments Greg and his team wanted. The rooms sound great.”

Acoustical considerations weren’t the only hurdle. The facility also had to conform to strict state and local building codes. “One of Kevin’s biggest assets is his skill in navigating building codes and approvals,” said Stone. “You may have a brilliant acoustical plan, but it also has to work within the constraints of government regulation, as well as time and budget limitations. Kevin managed all those factors.”

Signature Post’s completed mix stages conform to the highest industry standards and feature top-quality components throughout. Mix Stage 1, which is certified for Dolby Atmos Theatrical sound, features a dual-operator Avid S6 console. Mix Stages 2 and 3, certified for Dolby Atmos Home Theater, feature Avid S3 control surfaces. All three are equipped with Pro Tools HDX workstations, Avid Matrix routing and monitoring, JBL 7.1 speaker arrays, Epson laser projectors and BSS Audio processing gear. The ADR stage can easily accommodate a group of voice actors.

The build out also transformed the structure from a stodgy warehouse into a light and airy studio environment. “Greg brought in an interior designer who worked with us in designing a glass-enclosed lobby and other aesthetic features that transformed the space,” noted Kaiser. “It was a collaborative process and the results are impressive.”

Kaiser Comm Construction has been building sound production and recording studios since 2010 and benefits from Kaiser’s more than 30 years of experience as a contractor and postproduction engineer. 

Signature Post’s mix stages passed Dolby Laboratories’ certification process during in their initial inspection and the facility is ready to begin project work. Kaiser, meanwhile, is applying the finishing touches to the build out. “Although audio work is complete, we return to the studio almost every day to make final tweaks,” said Kaiser. “We want to make sure that everything is 100 percent correct.”

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