• Thursday, Apr. 2, 2020
COVID-19 Has Met Its Match In Caleb & Calder Sloan's Awesome Foundation
Chris Sloan (l) and Carla Kaufman Sloan

Caleb & Calder Sloan’s Awesome Foundation--the charity of Chris Sloan and Carla Kaufman Sloan, founders of 2C Creative, a creative agency and production company serving the TV/streaming business with promos, brand integrations, trailers, upfront presentations and other campaigns--has initiated a campaign that will match individual donations (up to $250 each) to charities supporting first responders, organizations and those affected by COVID-19.

So far, the Foundation’s COVID-19 Has Met Its Match campaign has raised some $50,000 and counting. While the initial deadline date for people to participate was April 6, this has now been extended to April 13.  

Click here (and scroll down) for more info on the Met Its Match program and to get a list of charities the Awesome Foundation has vetted and donated to--or donors can choose their own related charities. People can double their donation dollars, emailing a copy of their donation receipt to cncawesomefoundation@gmail.com.

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