• Friday, Jun. 11, 2021
People on the Move
Editors Kenji Yamauchi & Tania Mesta join Lost Planet Family
Tania Mesta and Kenji Yamauchi
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Editor Kenji Yamauchi started at Lost Planet in July 2015 as an Assistant Editor. Yamauchi explains, “I moved to the United States, from São Paulo, all by myself.  To be completely honest, I never had the dream to work abroad but when the opportunity at Lost Planet appeared, I jumped on it. It's not easy being alone in a new country and looking back, if anyone had told me how taxes work I'd probably never have come, but I'm glad no one did, so here I am.”  Yamauchi's skill in executing emotional storylines is evidenced in his work on campaigns with Google, Samsung, Amex, Budweiser, as well as his work in music videos with artists such as Mumford & Sons.

Tania Mesta's path to editing was not as direct. She explored many roads, from studying French and business in college to working on a home renovation show in Los Angeles, and finally landing as an assistant editor at RPS where her training began. Born of Mexican parents and raised in El Paso, Texas, she is both figuratively and literally from the border, embracing what both cultures bring to her world view and her work. She has edited numerous campaigns with brands such as Calvin Klein, Prada, and Mass Mutual.

Executive Producer Krystn Wagenberg shared, “My experience has taught me that we must continue to seek the latest talent to reap the benefit of new ideas and fresh eyes. Both Kenji and Tania have the fearless edge that will help push the boundaries of emotional and creative storytelling. I am super excited to be involved in taking their careers to the next level.”

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