• Monday, Oct. 25, 2021
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VFX supervisor Adrien Servadio joins MPC's L.A. studio 
Adrien Servadio
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MPC, a Technicolor Creative Studio, has added VFX supervisor Adrien Servadio to its creative team in Los Angeles. 

Servadio’s arrival at MPC comes with over a decade’s worth of experience combining the artistic and technical elements of an image to create authentic and globally recognized works. He will play a key part in guiding directors, agencies and brand partners in elevating their work, and provide both technical and creative solutions for the team at large. 

As a VFX artist, Servadio has been a trusted collaborator of leading filmmakers and photographers such as Nicolas Winding Refn, Laurence Dunmore, Peter Lindberg, Thierry Poiraud, and Dario Piana. Servadio’s work spans brands like Apple, Lancome, Dior, Cadillac and Coca-Cola. 

Morten Vinther, creative director at MPC’s Los Angeles studio, commented, “We’ve admired Adrien’s work as a Flame artist, VFX supervisor, photographer and filmmaker for quite some time and we’re lucky to have him. Adrien is coming onboard at a time when the L.A. studio is seeing a huge uptick in demand for its creative talent. He will play a crucial role in building on that momentum. Simply put, Adrien is one of the very best creative artists out there, passionate and with an extraordinary eye for detail.”

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