• Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021
Music Notes
Butter Europe lands producer Dennis de Rochemont
Dennis de Rochemont
  • PRAGUE, Czech Republic
  • --

Butter Music and Sound Europe has signed Dennis de Rochemont as creative producer. An Apple corporation alum and a former Butter intern, de Rochemont will bring his film and advertising audio expertise for brands to the studio, elevating the global reach created by Butter which launched its European shop in Prague earlier this year. Based in Amsterdam, de Rochemont will liaison with Butter’s Prague headquarters. He will help establish a foothold for Butter in the Netherlands. Butter continues to maintain offices in Venice, Calif, and New York.

At his new roost, de Rochemont will facilitate new business operations in addition to assisting with composing projects for European brand and agency clients. Previously an account manager with Apple Europe, de Rochemont pivots his entrepreneurial business style to the music space once again. The musician honed his focus over the last decade composing for short films and documentaries before eventually turning to his own narratives. His album “By The Orchard” boasts nine classical, instrumental pieces rooted in heyday pop music and composed for piano, guitar and analog synthesizers. A very distinctive production style lends timeless nostalgia to his work. The songs are being released over the course of fall 2021. 

After interning during his first go-around with Butter, de Rochemont founded Spoon Sound with a group of freelance composers and sound designers out of the Netherlands. He then went on to freelance, segued to Apple and has now come full circle back to Butter. He was an account manager at Apple for six years.

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