• Thursday, May. 25, 2023
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Tina Bianchini named head of production at Epoch Films
Tina Bianchini
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Bicoastal production company Epoch Films has promoted Tina Bianchini to head of production. A member of the Epoch family since 2004, Bianchini will continue to grow and lead the company’s roster of filmmakers in her new position.

What started as a temporary gig as the Epoch office manager nearly 20 years ago has grown into a flourishing career for Bianchini. A freelance PA on an Epoch Verizon commercial directed by Phil Morrison sparked a full-time passion. Bianchini took on many roles at Epoch Films over the years, including production coordinator, production manager, bidding producer, and now, head of production.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, where she still lives with her husband and their dog, Bianchini’s father worked in the art department of many feature films, including Never Been Kissed, where she landed her first job in the industry as an extra. However, a mixture of fate and staying open to inspiring opportunities placed her with Epoch Films, where she says, “I instantly knew it was the place for me. I felt welcomed, loved the culture and knew it was a place where I could grow.” Highlights from her lengthy career include campaigns for Levis (dir. Martin de Thurah), Sephora (dir. Bianca Poletti), and Coors Light (dir. Dugan O’Neal). 

Bianchini is known by Epoch’s executive producers for her knack for creative problem-solving and now looks forward to making new relationships in the industry as Epoch’s head of production. She said, “I owe my time at Epoch and my production career as a whole to staying curious about what else I can learn from each new project. Growing up, I was naturally very curious about the industry as a whole with my father working in film, but finding my own place within the world of production has always been exciting for me. This is new territory for me, but I feel like everything so far has led up to this.”

Melissa Culligan, Epoch’s managing executive producer, added, “I can’t picture Epoch without Tina. She was already so established within the company and welcoming when I got here. No matter what she was doing, whatever role she was in, her presence as a leader could be felt through every project and throughout the company’s culture as a whole. It only feels right that she’s our head of production. Personally, I’m very happy for her and I can’t wait to see where she continues to take Epoch.”

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